Ringa Ringa Roses

Ringa Ringa Roses Watch Online Life Ok’s new serial Ringa Ringa Roses story is based on supernatural series, where Sameer, Megha, Abigail along with their team will rescue and help people who are facing problems with supernatural activities.
The new Life OK serial will start from November 30 at 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Ring around the Roses
A pocket full of Posies
Ashes… to Ashes
We all fall down

The famous nursery rhyme Ringa Ringa Roses will no longer teach children instead it will be a Khauff to listen to. Paranormal activities occur and Sameer Soni aka JD has the God gifted sixth-sense to feel it, a super power only the chosen ones are blessed with. Starting 30th November 2013 Khauff Begins… Ringa Ringa Roses on Life OK traces the paranormal journey of a father in search of his daughter in a world of unseen dangers and unknown monsters. The show blurs the thin line between the unexplained world and the real world we live in. In this fight of Good vs the Evil, the latter takes away JD’s own, his daughter.

The series will revolve around Sameer’s quest to rescue his daughter Maitri from the clutches of evil. Along with his Team P.R.A.I.D i.e Paranormal Research and Investigation Department, they will encounter all the ghosts and ghouls from various Indian folklore. The team embodies Jaffar – Research Specialist played by Manoj Verma, Subbu, a Data analyst played by Risabh Chaddha and Maria, the Intern portrayed by Abigail Jain. Pune based rock band Agnee has been roped in to create the theme track for the series where the band will fill spookiness to the famous nursery rhyme Ringa Ringa Roses. The series boasts of enthralling content from the beyond and will spice up the weekend line up of Life OK.

Commenting on the launch of the paranormal series, Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OKsaid, “Khauff Begins… Ringa Ringa Roses is a step towards building our weekend properties. After Ek Thhi Naayka, this series is our yet another venture in the Horror genre. We have always believed in providing varied content to our audiences and with Khauff Begins… Ringa Ringa Roses we’re certain that audiences will appreciate our efforts in providing interesting content. JD, played by Sameer Soni is the our latest superhero on Life OK’s Thriller weekends.”
The show will blur the lines between the normal and the paranormal. The series is being produced by Majim Azam of Somersault productions. Apart from the paranormal, the series will lay special focus on the Father-Daughter relationship as the protagonist strives to fight against the unknown in a bid to save his daughter from the evil. Starting 30th November,Khauff Begins… Ringa Ringa Roses will premiere on Life OK every Saturday and Sunday at 11pm.