RK diagnosed with heart disease; Madhu worried as RK misunderstands her extra concern in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK earns Rs 700 by driving taxi all night. Madhu gets the money in his pocket in morning and asks him. He tells her everything honestly and she asks him not to drive taxi again as doctor asked him to take good rest. Madhu asks Kanha not to test her love like this.Tara thinks to find out who os the thief stealing her anklets and catches him red handed. Its Bhanu and he fools her in his words once again. Leela asks Bittu about his earnings and is annoyed with less amount. RK comes for the meeting and sees the drama going on, between a couple, where the guy does not have money to celebrate his GF’s birthday.

RK thinks about Madhu’s birthday. He hears the director scolding the man saying my artist can’t jump in fire. Rk does that stunt to earn some money. Madhu asks Leela to bring Dida back as its her birthday. RK brings a single bed and says you will sleep on this bed and I will sleep on the floor. Leela thinks they don’t have money to pay rent, how did they get money to buy a bed. RK brings Madhu to give her a surprise. She sees the birthday cake and the decorations. She smiles happily. He says happy birthday Rani. Madhu and RK dance. Madhu says this is my life’s best birthday. Leela asks RK how did he manage all this birthday celebrations and the bed for Madhu. RK says he came to know Madhu’s birthday and so got chance of doing a stunt on a film set risking his life and jumping in fire. Everyone is shocked.

Madhu hugs RK saying I love you and asks him not to put himself in danger again. Bhanu meets Agni and asks for papers for Dauji’s property to sell it off and divide. Agni asks Bhanu to leave or she will call Dauji. Bhanu starts leaving. Dau ji says sees Bhanu and gets worried. RK gets chest pain and Madhu applies the balm. She says he better see a doctor. Next day, he brings water bucket and gets sudden pain. He falls off the stairs and faints. Madhu sees him and shouts. Bittu and Madhu rush him tto the hospital where doctor says RK has a hole in his heart and the operation cost is 2.5 lakhs. Madhu is shocked. He asks Madhu to hide this bad news from RK and give him medicines on time, mixing it in any juice. Madhu agrees being worried for RK’s life. Dauji fumes on Tara-Agni for supporting Bhanu.

Agni insults Tara and asks her to leave this house and go back to village. Dau ji agrees and sends Tara back. Madhu makes veg juice and tells RK that her doctor asked her to have this is pregnancy, but she does not like it, so she will drink only if he accompanies her. RK agrees and she mixes his medicines in it. She stops him from going to garage and other words. Madhu sees RK sleeping and cries thinking about doctor’s words to arrange Rs 2.5 lakhs. She looks for jobs in paper and gets a call centre job of night duty. She asks RK about it, but he refused her. RK goes to garage to help Bittu, but Madhu shouts on him infront of everyone. RK’s ego is hurt and he gets angry. Madhu cries talking to Kanha ji and says how to explain RK, I can’t tell him as doctor asked me not to tell him.

Dau ji calls Madhu and senses some problem. He comes to meet her and RK, but Madhu does not tell him about RK’s illness. Leela fills RK’s ears against Madhu, but things gets sorted and Dau ji is happy seeing them together. RK doubts Madhu seeing her talk strangely on phone hiding something. Madhu sees RK slept and goes for the night duty. She comes back before RK wakes up. HE asks her where did she go and scolds her for going on job when he did not permit her. She says don’t we work together and run this home. He says you wanted to say this, that I m not able to manage the home.

Leela comes to Dida in the care centre and fills her ears against RK keeping Madhu as a maid. Dida says no, I have to free Madhu from RK, I will come. Bittu explains Madhu not to do night duty as RK is against it. Agni fills Dau ji’s ears against Madhu making him angry. Bittu tells Madhu that RK said if she goes for job tonight, he will break this relation tomorrow, and will not come here to stay with you. He asks her to forget everything and manage her relation well.