Saachi joins the NGO, Mann battles for life in Balika Vadhu

In Colors’s Balika Vadhu, while at one hand Saachi is recuperating from the trauma she had went through and at the other side is little Mannu who is suffering from blood cancer. Mannu’s cancer news hits Jagya emotionally. Jagya hides the reports from Ganga. Ganga reads in the newspaper about the rape case. She asks Jagya to call Vivek. Vivek tells him that this time Saachi was right and that’s why he supported her. Jagya is shocked. They call Saachi and assures her that they are with her. Jagya apologizes to her for talking badly. He thinks to Mannu to Jaipur for further bone marrow test. Ganga comes to know about it through the doctor. She gets shocked and shattered. Jagya consoles and assures her that Mannu will be fine. Saanchi is trying to change for good and even visits the temple for peace. She apologizes to Mali kaka for talking to him rudely. Everyone are happy with Saachi’s change in attitude.

Anandi comes to Saachi’s room and finds her putting mat on the floor. Saachi tells her that she will sleep on the floor from now onwards. Anandi tells her that the family have forgiven her. Saachi tells her that she did a big mistake and tells her how she cursed Ganga and her unborn child. Anandi is shocked. Anandi asks her to shift her concentration to something good and asks her to read Bhagavad Gita. Saachi reads the book till morning and gets peace. Ganga tells Jagya that she will accompany him to Jaipur for Mannu’s treatment. Jagya lies to his family saying he have to attend the conference in Jaipur.

Anandi calls Payal and invites her home. Saachi is happy to see her. Payal tells her that they need a tenant. Saachi recalls Vivek and suggests his name. Payal agrees. They come to Vivek’s guest house and convince him to shift to Payal’s house. Vivek agrees hesitantly. Doctor does the bone marrow test of Mannu. He gives the report. Jagya is shocked to know the results which reads blood cancer. Ganga is all the more shattered.

Payal brings Vivek to her house and tells her mom about it. She shows sympathy towards Saachi. Payal asks her to praise Saachi for getting the accused punished rather than sympathizing with her. Doctor tells Jagya that Mannu can live for more 6 months or 1 year or may be he can live for life as there is no certainity in blood cancer. Ganga says, it means we have to be ready to lose him. She cries miserably, Jagya comforts her. Saachi tells Anandi that she wishes to join her NGO. Everyone are happy with her decision. Anandi asks her to take her photos for becoming a member.

Jagya and Ganga come home. Everyone ask them about their outing. Ganga breakdown and cries badly. Jagya tells them about Mannu suffering from cancer. All the family members are shocked. Dadisaa tells Jagya that Mannu will be fine. Saachi and Anandi come to the NGO and comes to know about Avanti who is thrown out of her inlaws house. They go to meet Avanti with the NGO members. Avanti tells her about her condition and how she is being treated by her inlaws after marriage. Anandi takes her to the NGO and thinks to bring her inlaws on the right path.

Ganga makes Mannu drink the medicines. Dadisaa comes and tells her that she has done a mannat for Mannu’s safety. Jagya tells the family that he has to take Mannu to Jaipur whenever he needs a chemotherapy sessions. Dadisaa says,s it will be tiring for Mannu and asks Basant and Bhairov to buy all the machinery at their hospital. Jagya is touched by Dadisaa’s gesture. Dadisaa determines to save Mannu somehow. She asks Ganga not to cry and be strong. Saachi tells Ira and Meenu, how Anandi deals with people’s sufferings. She says, I am impressed. Anandi thinks to prepare kevar and calls Dadisaa for the recipe. Dadisaa cries and tells her about Mannu’s battle with life. Anandi is shocked and prays for his health. She calls Ganga and Jagya and gives them strength.

Anandi asks Saachi to talk with Vivek and sought his help regarding Avanti’s case. Vivek suggests legal notice but Avanti says, she wants justice and she doesn’t want to punish her inlaws. Anandi comes to know about the annual show in Amol’s school. She wonders why he didn’t tell her. Jagya gets shocked to know that the medicines are not working on Mannu. He tells the same to his family. He determines to save Mannu anyhow but doesn’t know the way out. All the family prays for his health. Stay tuned to know more on your favourite show Balika Vadhu.