Sagar and Lajjo plan to expose Jasmine’s truth; Ayesha and Nikhil refuse to accept Nupur as their sister in Gustakh Dil

Inder defends his daughter Nupur infront of Barkha and says she came here as her hostel caught fire. She gets annoyed. He asks Nupur to sleep in the hall, as Saraswati is staying in guest room. Nikhil and Gunjan see Nupur in morning and asks who is she and why is she here. Lajjo says don’t be scared. Nikhil says please speak up, say something. Inder says relax, stop questioning Nupur. Nikhil says so you are Nupur. Barkha asks Inder to say who is she. Inder says Nupur is my daughter. Everyone is shocked. Nikhil says what do you mean, we won’t accept this, is her mum Barkha then? He sees Barkha upset and quiet and looks at Inder. Nikhil says my father is having an extra marital affair and breaks down.

Inder thinks about Nikhil’s words and goes to Barkha. She says if you say Nupur is your daughter, will they hug her. Inder says the truth is Nupur is my daughter and I m her father, I did not hide this from her. She says yes, you became great, but remember this truth has ruined our lives. Lajjo pacifies the crying Nupur and goes to talk to Nikhil to understand Nupur and Inder. Nikhil says then what, would he lie all the life, I won’t regard this girl as my sister, that’s final. Nikhil asks Nupur to leave before anyone knows about her. Ayesha comes home and throws Nupur’s bag asking her to get out of their house. Everyone looks on. Ayesha scolds Nupur and says only I m Inder’s daughter, not you.

Ayesha thinks about talking to Inder about Barkha. Lajjo talks to her. Ayesha says he was a perfect father, perfect husband and perfect human being, he was my hero. She cries saying she can’t believe this. She says when I asked him, he did not tell me. She says that girl, she can’t stay in this house. Lajjo calms her down. Ayesha asks Inder how can he do this. Inder says its not so simple and apologizes to her. Ayesha says no Papa, I can’t forgive you. Adhiraj talks to Ayesha and defends Nupur. He explains her that its not Nupur’s mistake, I understand her, its her parents mistake, I can know it well, that a child has to bear punishment for the father’s mistake, parents don’t realize this. Ravi says lets have a DNA test and find out is Nupur really Inder’s daughter. Nupur hears this and is hurt.

Nupur starts leaving home at night and Saraswati stops her. She asks her to give everyone some time. Lajjo looks on. Lajjo and Nikhil haave an argument over Nupur. She reminds him about the past and how Barkha has forgive him for Akash’s death. Lajjo explains him that everyone is annoyed in this house, can’t they forgive Nupur, she is his sister.Nikhil goes to meet Jasmine and she spikes his drink. She hugs him while he loses senses. She takes a selfie and sends to Lajjo. Lajjo is shocked seeing it and thinks to do something. Nikhil comes home drunk and Lajjo asks did he drink. He says Jasmine made me drink beer.

Lajjo comes and hugs Nikhil. She tells Nikhil that she planned a holiday. He says Jasmine also planned it, and it won’t be good to cancel it at last moment. She gets upset. She meets Sagar and tells about Jasmine coming in between her and Nikhil. Saraswati doubts Rina that she was trying to take key impression, but Rina fools her. Sagar says Jasmine has ruined my name, she acted cheap and blamed me. Lajjo also thinks about Jasmine’s obsession. She says she knows Jasmine is trying to creating fight between her and Nikhil. Sagar asks Lajjo did you think that what can be done. She says what can we do, Nikhil is blindly trusting Jasmine and she joined course with him and comes home any time.

Sagar says I understand, she will do what she wants. Lajjo says yes, I can’t forget that blame and can’t show this pics to Nikhil, as she will say she was joking and remind him Agra matter. He says we have to show Nikhil her true face and we have less time. She says yes, I will clear the blame on your name and also remove doubt from Nikhil’s heart. Lajjo comes to Nupur. Nupur says don’t know when will that day come. Lajjo asks her to be positive. Ayesha comes to talk to Lajjo. Lajjo asks is she annoyed with Nupur. Ayesha says no, I don’t have any relation with her, why will I be annoyed. She says she is not my sister and not daughter of this house. Nupur cries. Will everyone accept Nupur as their family member? Keep reading.