Sameer fools Purab in his plan to meet Sartaj to find the secret file in Nadaan Parindey

Sameer (Iqbal from across the border) starts feeling for Meher and takes care of her. Meher defends Sameer as he killed the man in defense and to save her. Purab asks Meher to let the police do their duty. Sameer throws his sim card on the way as police got Maseeta’s phone. Meher cries and hugs Bebe. Bebe says don’t worry, Purab will bring Sameer back. Purab says don’t worry, I will bring him and signs Meher to calm down. Purab thinks he should not come back this time, only then I can take a sigh of relief. Malik gets all the news and he comes to meet Sameer at Bebe’s house as Mangal’s friend. Meher scolds Purab. He says he did a foolish thing, I wanted Iqbal alive, how will we know why did he kill Baba.

The inspector comes to Sameer and says you can go. Sameer and Meher come home and he cares for her wound. He applies ointment to her feet and Bebe is happy. Sameer takes care of her very well as he is really in love with Meher now. Days passes and Sameer turns sweet. Meher gifts Sameer and he looks at her. She kisses on his cheek and he blushes. Meher dances with joy in her room. Purab sees Meher and Sameer hugging in their room and is angry. Inspector tells Purab that Iqbal’s phone has a contact of Pind whom he called and received, last call was on the night Baba has attacked. Purab thinks he is sure who is he. Purab asks Sameer and Meher to come with him and enact how the man stabbed Meher.

Sameer says he will kill the one who hurts Meher. Malik blesses Meher and says she was of 5 years when I came here last time and says he knows Bebe too. Sameer says he was hurting Meher, she could have died, would I let her die like this, if you were in my place, what would you do. Sameer enacts the whole scene. ameer says Meher and her happiness is important to me, if anyone hurts her, I will kill him and I did this, I will do this again too if this happens in future. Sameer asks Malik to come and meet him. He leaves. Purab sees him and goes to follow. Sameer goes there and is shocked to see Meher come. They have some romance while Malik and Purab look at them.

She says draw me closer Sameer. He holds her hand and she says more closer. She hugs him and closes her eyes. Sameer and Meher have a lovely hug. She says I already lost my life by giving my heart. Sameer and Malik meet in the morning. Malik says you should have killed her, but you are in love with her. ameer says you are seeing what I want to show. This is drama, as Purab was doubting me, I m fooling Meher and Bebe being Sameer. I m using them. Sameer says nothing is important to me than my mission, how to prove you.He asks Malik to shoot him if he has any doubt. Malik smiles and believes him now. Sameer plans to make Purab suspicious and talks to someone saying he knows about Sartaj.

Purab hears him talking and is shocked. He too plans to get the mission secrets out. Sameer thinks and says before getting caught at border, Sartaj kept the secret file somewhere, we have to get it. He says I have to know where he has hidden that key. Malik says how will you find it, he is in army clutches. Sameer is confident that Purab will himself take him to Sartaj. Bebe asks Purab to talk to Sameer and Meher where they to go for honeymoon. He gets angry and leaves. Purab comes to meet Meher. Purab says don’t do this Meher, you are doing a big mistake, you will regret.

Purab says trust me, I have a reason if I m saying this. She says tell me the reason, do you have any proof. He says I will give proof when the time comes. She says you will fail as Sameer is true, my Lord and I know this. Sameer tells Malik that lets see what does Purab do now. Purab tells his boss and we will make Sameer meet Sartaj and he will tell him his mission plan. He convinces the boss finally and thinks to expose Sameer now. Meher comes and Bebe scolds her acting like a typical saas. Meher says you are my mum and my best friend. She says you promised me you will take me with you on honeymoon. Meher gets shy. Malik asks Sameer to get prepared for his tough task ahead. Will Sameer get out the secret from Sartaj or will Purab catch him? Keep reading.

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