Sarika plans to marry Vikram in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram is annoyed with Shobha while she tries to make him start his new life. He says we will replace Samarth in your life. He says how to explain you, look Shobha, I trust you a lot more than myself or anyone else, when you do such things, I feel hurt. She says she did not wish to hurt him. Sarika comes out of her room and sees Vikram talking to Shobha. She smiles and thinks of their past love. Vikram asks Shobha to promise she won’t do this again. He holds her and is shocked seeing Sarika standing. Vikram looks around and says she is here, if I tell Shobha whom I saw, she will say I m mad. Sarika confides in Shobha and tells that she loved Vikram and Samarth has forced her to marry Abhay.

She says she broke Vikram’s heart purposely to make him hate her and move on in life. Shobha is stunned and recalls Vikram and Nani’s words. She says you are Vikram’s past. Sarika says we are in relationship and loved each other a lot. Shobha hugs her. Shobha says when Vikram comes to know what you did was by some reason, he will love you. Shobha tells Vikram that she is ready to move on. He asks is that means you are ready to accept anyone in your life. Nani asks Vikram to propose to Shobha and tell his feelings to her, and she is sure Shobha will accept him. Sharda thinks Vikram will be good for Sarika, and even she told his name. Nani comes to her and Sharda thinks she maybe talking about Sarika and Vikram. Nani talks about Shobha.

Sharda says about Vikram and Sarika and Nani thinks its Shobha. Nani says I m modern and I think everyone should get second chance. Sharda says we will get related and laughs. Sharda tells Sarika that Nani brought the proposal for him. She says Vikram is good by heart, he has bitter past, but he is nice. Sarika smiles and says she can’t believe this, I will make sure we help each other in forgetting past. Sarika hears Vikram telling he loves Shobha, she is my best friend and she can be my everything. Nani says she is happy for him, she will do anything to unite him with his love, she won’t let his heart break this time. Vikram hugs her.Sarika gets angry and says she will never let Shobha come between her and Vikram.

Shobha tells Sharda everything about Sarika and Vikram. She says Sarika has suppressed her love, maybe now they can unite, I think we should unite them. Nani talks to Ketan about Shobha’s divorce. Ketan says why did you wake up to ask his, its all final, but why. Nani says Shobha can go ahead in life. Ketan asks what way. Nani says about Shobha and Vikram. Ketan says really and hugs her happily. He says I was waiting for this day. Shobha comes to meet Riddhima, and sees Tarun not talking well to Riddhima. Tarun taunts Shobha about her affair with Vikram.

She says Samarth had the affairs, you are useless and such men taunt like this. Vikram gets Mahesh’s call and goes to talk. He asks the kids to play. Sarika looks at the kids. She signs a goon to hit Jia by the car, and she hides. She then goes to save Jia. Vikram asks Reyaan where is Jia. He sees Jia on the road and a car coming towards her. Sarika saves Jia and Vikram shouts Jia. Shobha gets angry on Vikram and thanks Sarika for saving Jia. Shobha signs the divorce papers recalling Samarth’s words. They all celebrate Christmas and Vikram becomes Santa. Shobha apologizes to him and he gifts her a windchime.

Anil comes to Sarika with police and says about property. Sarika understands his plan and says you keep everything, I have lost Abhay and don’t want any property now. The inspector says get some proof, we can’t doubt on her. The lawyer says Sarika is a great woman, she is not interested in her husband’s money and asked me to give all property to you. ikram smiles seeing Shobha. Sarika sees them and gets worried. She hits the lamp and it falls near Shobha. Vikram worries for Shobha and fix the lamp back together. Sarika thinks Vikram has changed so much, he can’t see me even if I stand infront of him.

Sarika dreams that she is getting arrested for killing Abhay and says Anil is lying. She tells in sleep that she did not kill him, leave me. Shobha comes to her and asks is she ok. Sarika says I m still in trauma, I still dream that I m telling in court that I did not save Abhay, and police arresting me, and getting bad dreams. Shobha says don’t blame yourself, and pacifies her. Will Vikram be able to know Sarika’s truth and will Anil be able to expose Sarika? Keep reading.