Shocking: Badi Amma and others to force Vedika to go bald in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

MUMBAI: Today, we broke the news that Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (Bodhi Tree Multimedia Pvt. Ltd) will soon take a leap. Subsequently, Vedika (Suhasi Dhami) will have moved out of the Aggarwal house, and Saahil (Karan Jotwani) and Bhoomi (Priyanka Purohit) will help her raise her son.

However, before the leap takes place, the makers have some high-voltage drama in store for viewers.

In the upcoming episode, after Yash’s death, the family blames Vedika. Even society holds Vedika responsible for all the problems. They call her ladke baaz and decide to punish her with some strict action.

In a shocking development, Badi Amma and others decide to make Vedika go bald. They think that this punishment will make her realize her actual character.

However, Sahil reaches in nick of time to stop them. He supports Vedika and educates people by spreading a strong message.

This particular episode will air on 15 August on Zee TV.