Sreesanth slaps Rohit in Bigg Boss! Will this be the end of his game?

MUMBAI: Sreesanth has slapped Rohit Suchanti in the Bigg Boss house! There is a tweet from a fan page of Bigg Boss 12, which suggests that the incident happened during a task.

It seems Rohit kept instigating Sreesanth, and when it becomes too much, the latter slaps him and breaks the most important rule of the house. As we all know, physical violence is not allowed inside the Bigg Boss house.

In the past, many contestants have been thrown out of the house for going against the rules. Now, since Sreesanth has broken the role, will he be shown the exit door or just punished?

If he is thrown out of the house, he will be the second to have an unceremonious ouster from Bigg Boss 12. Just a few weeks back his good friend Shivashish Mishra was asked to leave the show after he disrespected Bigg Boss and refused to follow the rules and regulations.

Earlier in the day, Sreesanth was taken out of the house for a brief period of time and his health deteriorated. Over the weekend, Salman Khan reprimanded him for making objectionable comments on Surbhi Rana. He locked himself in the bathroom of the house and ended up hurting himself. It was just a bad time for Rohit to instigate him, as he was already not in good health.