Tanya and Pakhi trying hard to win Anshuman’s love in Tumhari Pakhi

Last week started the Maha Episodes of Tumhari Pakhi. We have told you about it, it will be airing till Life Ok airs its new show at 9pm slot. Tumhari Pakhi is currently running for 45 mins. The show is going great. Let’s see a brief of this week’s update. Ayaan acts clever and makes a plan to bring Anshuman and Pakhi closer. He talks to them and tells about his dream of seeing a perfect family, happy and sound. He says he needs some time to accept Tanya as Anshuman’s new wife and for that to happen, he must first have his desired fulfilled.

Anshuman asks what is it. Ayaan asks them to be husband and wife for one week so that he can have some good memories of Pakhi after she leaves. He asks Anshuman to become her husband and give her all the happiness she deserves. He asks Pakhi and Anshuman to become a perfect husband and wife as if they really love each other. Anshuman says we can’t do this. Ayaan emotionally blackmails him and insists a lot. Anshuman and Pakhi look at each other and have no option than to agree with him. They agree and asks what they have to do.

Ayaan asks Anshuman to lift Pakhi and bring her to the dining table just like any good husband would treat his lovely wife. Pakhi says no way. Anshuman says no, we will feel awkward, its not simple for us. Ayaan starts acting again. Anshuman agrees and asks Ayaan to go, they are coming. Ayaan goes to Tanya and acts like he has accepted her and wants to get rid of Pakhi. He says I will be helping you in making a place in this house. Tanya believes him and gets much happy.

Ayaan wants to show down Tanya cleverly that Anshuman and Pakhi love each other and there is no place or her in this house. While they are talking, Ayaan asks her does dad loves you. She says yes. He asks then why is dad bringing Pakhi on his arms. Tanya is shocked to see Anshuman bringing Pakhi downstairs by lifting her in his arms. Anshuman brings her to the dining table and Tanya simply looks on feeling jealous and angry.

Ayaan then thinks of his second idea. He sees Anshuman leaving for office and asks him to kiss Pakhi and say I m leaving darling. Pakhi should also kiss him and say come soon darling. Now, this makes Anshuman and Pakhi really shy and they think how to avoid this. But Ayaan does not listen to anyone. He asks them to do it as any good husband and wife would do it. Anshuman and Pakhi get closer and kiss each other on their cheeks and say as Ayaan asks them to say.

Ayaan claps for them. Anya is not aware that Ayaan is working against her and in Pakhi’s favor. Ayaan asks Tanya to win Anshuman’s heart by making great muffins for him. Tanya thinks Ayaan really wants her to become his mum and hugs him. She works hard and makes the muffins. Ayaan increases the microwave temperature and the muffins burn. Tanya is shocked to see it and thinks how did it happen. Ayaan sends Anshuman and Pakhi for dinner as he plans this with Girish. He wants them to spend some time with each other.

Ayaan asks Anshuman to choose a saree for Pakhi and asks Pakhi to choose a suit for Anshuman. Anshuman brings a saree and Pakhi likes it. She wears it and looks gorgeous. Anshuman finds Pakhi very beautiful. They go out and Pakhi asks Anshuman to stop the car as they don’t need to act now. She says Ayaan is not here to see us. They have a casual talk. Pakhi asks him does he love her. He says no, I love Tanya. He says if I had no one in my life or would meet you before, if I had no conditions in my love, I would have madly love you, you are really nice Pakhi.

He praises Pakhi a lot. Pakhi is really happy and believes his words. They come back home and Tanya gets angry seeing them. She acts like she fell and Anshuman runs to her. Tanya thinks she can win Anshuman by playing this dirty tricks. Pakhi understands that Tanya is not hurt and is acting. What will Tanya do to win Anshuman? Will Pakhi ever get Anshuman’s love? Stay tuned to your favorite show Tumhari Pakhi only on Life OK.