This is how psychiatrists labelled Shweta Tiwari’s husband Abhinav Kohli’s behaviour towards step-daughter Palak

Recently, Shweta Tiwari’s husband Abhinav Kohli made headlines for the wrong reasons. He allegedly made embarrassing remarks to step-daughter, Palak.

Later, Palak said in her long tweet that Abhinav had made some very embarrassing and inappropriate remarks to her, words which would question the standing dignity of any woman, which you wouldn’t expect to hear from any man, especially not your father. Now, in an interview with, leading psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty spoke about the psychology of some step-fathers.

Dr Harish Shetty told the portal, “I have had cases of fathers and step-fathers behaving immorally with their daughters. In case of fathers it happens from those who are alcoholics. In case of step-fathers it happens more often and even when they aren’t alcoholics.” When asked about the reason behind such behaviour, he said, “Well, step-fathers accept the woman who steps into their life but not her kids. The father has no sense of attachment towards the kids. The child is pretty confused with the step-father around, especially if he/she is in adolescence (Shweta married Abhinav when Palak was 13). His/her eyes are constantly searching for a father when he/she looks at the step-father, but unfortunately in most cases, doesn’t get one.”

Another leading psychiatrist Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla said, “The step-father cannot leash himself especially when the daughter is growing up in front of him. It is very unfortunate and trust me, such cases are only increasing by the day. The biggest blow in such cases is that the offender is known to the victim. I am not saying that all step-fathers are bad. There are those who know their limits.” Further, leading lawyer Vandana Shah told the portal, “I think if the charges against Abhinav are true, he is a sick mind in a sick body.”