Trisha gets saved, but loses memory in Laut Aao Trisha

Kabeer reaches the place to rescue Trisha. She gets shot and is found wounded. Kabeer finds Trisha unconscious on floor. He tries to wake her up. Pratik says he realized everyone’s true faces and will take revenge from everyone now. Amrita thinks Pratik will realize the truth soon and it is Trisha’s birthday today. Amrita looks at Trisha’s pics and imagines her come back and blindfolding her from behind. Trisha asks how does she know always that it is her. Amrita says she can feel her touch. Trisha says it is her birthday today. Amrita says with her birth, a mother was born. She asks what gift she needs. Trisha requests her to save her and disappears.

Amrita starts crying vigorously. Kabeer takes Trisha to City Hospital. Docs take her to operation theatre. Kabeer reminisces his happier moments with his own daughter. Operation starts. Kabeer thinks how to tell Amrita that he found her daughter in injured state. Meghan and Vivan come there and say Amrita that they have a surprise for her. She says she is happy that they remember Trisha’s birthday. Vivan says we will celebrate it and take her to a room where they have decorated it with balloons. Trisha is seen struggling to breathe during surgery. Gaurav calls Lavanya and informs that Trisha is found and is in hospital and asks her to come to hospital soon. Lavanya informs about it to Kushan.

Kushan gets worried. Lavanya asks him to relax and says she will go to hospital and find out how Trisha is and will handle everything. He asks why is she doing this for him. She says she loves him and wants him back and hopes everything gets settled and Trisha does not come back. Trisha’s surgery starts. Amrita sees temple in hospital and prays god that it is Trisha’s birthday today and she is praying for her life. Neha gets Kushan’s SMS informing her about Trisha’s being found and in critical condition. She asks Pratik to go home. Kushan says there is no option than killing her before she opens her mouth. Someone enters Trisha’s ward and shoots her.

Varsha asks Kabeer if he is alright and says he should go and freshen up. Amrita looks at comatosed Trisha and emotionally touches her. She starts crying. Meghan comes and says she has to become strong for Trisha. Abhay and Kabeer search bungalow and Abhay says looking this place, it does not look someone forced Trisha. He says he knows. Abhay says he got 3 fingerprints and will send them to lab. Doc gets discharge papers and asks him to sign consent letter as it is high risk case.

Pratik is about to sign when Amrita stops her. He reminisces Kabeer’s warning that it is a police case and he does not want shifting Trisha and says doc he will keep her here and does not need any negligence in treatment. Dr. Aditya asks nurse to shift Trisha to ICU and introduces himself to her. Amrita says he came as a savior for Trisha and knows god sent him. He says she will be fine soon. Amrita says she is happy that Trisha came back to her but is worried that someone is trying to kill her. Pratik asks Kabeer what was he doing when Trisha was attacked.

Lavanya stops Kushan from leaving country and says he will be blamed if he flees. Dr. Aditya asks Amrita to go home, he will take care of Trisha. Amrita sees Trisha moving her eyes and tells him about it. He says it usually happens in coma. Kabeer gets a call from officer from Trisha’s hospital and runs there. Officer shows him bullet and says killer well planned everything and he knew Trisha will die if she does not get oxygen. Dr. Aditya comes and officer introduces him to Kabeer. Kabeer asks him to tell what happened in detail.

Aditya tells him the whole incident happened. Officer shows Kabeer fingerprint details and its culprits. Kabeer asks him to arrest all 3 and interrogate, if they are found, kidnapper will be found. Meghan, Vivan, and Bunty joke with Trisha. Dr. Aditya comes and says Trisha she is very interesting and asks her to fight for life. He asks nurse to check her BP and pulse. Amrita looks at god’s idol and prays to protect Trisha in her toughest time. She comes back to hospital with the idol and keeps it next to Trisha, says it will be with her always and pampers her face. Trisha opens her eyes.

Everyone gets happy while Kushan panics. Trisha sees Amrita and calls her mamma and asks Kushan why is he looking worried, asks why is she in hospital and why are these bandages on, how did she get this injury. Amrita asks if she does not remember anything. Trisha says no and asks what happened to me. Aditya says she got amnesia and is suffering from partial memory loss, they will not remember life’s recent moments. Amrita and Pratik get back to Trisha’s room. Dr. Aditya will take care of her. They take Trisha home. Is Trisha safe at home now? Keep reading.