TV celebs’ newest drool worthy Insta pics!

Mumbai: Telly town celebs create much social media frenzy when they share a slice of their lives with their army of fans. Even though the stars are caught up amongst hectic schedules, they manage and love to stay connected through their social media handles.

Let’s end this exciting week with the best Insta pics of our favorite celebs. Check them out below!

Laksh: Kukad Kamal Da!

Shashank Vyas: No Pain, No Gain

Jasmin Bhasin: Get Set Go!

Drashti Dhami: Bagvati

Himmanshu Malhotra: Pouty us!

Karan Patel: Puppy Love

Vishal Singh: Dulha Mill Gaya!

Bani J: ‘Gym’fie

Aditi Malik: All Smiles!