Twist: Ritwik to get married to Ananya in Dil Hi Toh Hai?

MUMBAI: A love story without obstacles is like tea without sugar, food without salt, a cup without saucer and life without adventure. And so is the situation in the life of Ritwik and Palak in Sony TV’s latest offering Dil Hi Toh Hain. The show has been receiving a positive response ever since its launch and has kept its viewers hooked to television with its stellar cast and engaging storyline.

The viewers recently witnessed a new friendship between Palak and Ritwik.

The upcoming episodes will witness a spark between Ritwik (Karan Kundra) and Ananya who are all set to invigorate Reeva’s mood ever since her breakup with Samay.

Ananya is putting all her efforts in getting Reeva back to normal using the reverse psychology method. This will impress Vijaynath and he will express his wish of making a girl like Ananya his daughter-in-law.

If Ritwik gets married to Ananya, will Ritwik and Palak (Yogita Bihani) part ways?