Uttaran Watch Online is a long-running Indian soap opera that airs on Colors TV every Mon-Fri at 10 pm. It is among the most popular serials in India. It has also obtained a trp of 5.0 becoming the most watched TV serial in India beating Na Aana Is Des Laadoand Balika Vadhu on the same channel and Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV. The series is dubbed in Tamil as Sindhu Bhairavi on Raj Network.

Uttaran is the story of two friends Ichcha and Tapasya with diametrically opposite backgrounds. Tapasya is the daughter of a wealthy couple, Divya and Jogi Thakur; while Ichcha is the daughter of their poor, live-in domestic help, Damini Bharati. Ichcha uses clothes and other possessions that are cast-off by Tapasya. In spite of the vast difference in status, the little girls become best friends. Jogi Thakur discovers that he had accidentally caused the death of Ichcha’s father long ago. He feels guilt-stricken and decides to become Ichcha’s foster father, giving her the best possible upbringing. However, jealousy creeps into the girls relationship as Ichcha wins over Tapasya’s family with her simple nature and good character. Divya’s aunt Sumitra Devi (Nani), being resentful of Damini and Ichcha, poisons Tapasya’s mind against her friend. Sumitra spreads rumors about Ichcha and Damini to Tapasya and she begins to hate her from that moment.

Uttaran story After 10 years

They eventually grow up. A rich and extremely handsome guy named Veer Singh Bundela enters in their life, Jogi Thakur expects Tapasya to marry Veer but Tapasya already has a boyfriend, Sidharth a.k.a Sid. Tapasya tells Ichcha to marry Veer and tells her everything about Sid. After some time Veer falls for sweet and simple Ichcha. Veer asks Jogi Thakur in hand of Ichcha and he accepts. Then Tapasya gets jealous because Ichcha got a very rich and handsome guy and Ichcha is very happy with Veer, and both love each other truly and deeply. They get engaged.

On the day of Veer and Ichcha’s wedding Tapasya cuts her wrist with a knife to marry Veer. Seeing Tapasya in this situation Ichcha gives her dress, her sindoor, her wonderful engagement ring she got from her Veer and everything to Tapasya and offers her to marry Veer and Damini never agrees wholeheartedly with Ichcha and tells that Veer is Ichcha ‘s Uttaran to Tapasya, thus completing the cycle of all the Uttaran Tapasya gave Ichcha from childhood. No one recognizes Tapasya in the wedding dress because of the veil covering her face and when they go home and Veer takes off the veil, he gets so angry. Tapasya falsely explains that Ichcha didn’t want to marry Veer. But Veer denies the fact and goes out of the house to Jogi Thakur’s house and reveals the truth. Ichcha also accepts her doing. Veer’s grandfather and Gunwanti accepts Tapasya as the daughter-in-law of the house, but Veer never accepted Tapasya as his wedded wife. Jogi Thakur also gets mad at Tapasya.
It is soon revealed that Veer has an elder brother, Vansh Singh Bundela, a drug addict- spoiled by Tej Singh, Baldev Singh’s illegal son. Meanwhile, Damini decides to leave the Thakur house with Ichcha, which bothers Jogi so much that he gets a heart attack. This prompts Damini to change her decision. After Jogi is discharged from the hospital, he goes to recuperate at a hill resort, with Divya and Damini in attendance. Meanwhile, Tapasya, frustrated with Veer returns to her parents house and humiliates Ichcha as much as she can. Meanwhile, Veer’s widowed cousin sister steps into the Bundela house as a simple nature lady, but came into the house just to create misunderstandings between people. One day, Veer gives divorce papers to Tapasya and asks her to sign them. He says that after divorcing Tapasya, he will marry Ichcha. Ichcha angrily slaps him and says she’ll never marry him because he is Tapasya’s husband now. Paras, one of the slum children taught by Ichcha in her school, becomes a drug addict. Ichcha admits Paras to a rehabilitation center, and, unknowingly, Veer also admits Vansh into the same center.

Vansh meets Ichcha at the rehabilitation center and takes a liking to her. Meanwhile, Tapasya somehow convinces her ex-flame Sid to gun down Ichha. Luckily, Veer finds it out and beats up Sid. Accidentally, Ichcha is shot. Veer immediately hospitalizes heavily injured Ichcha. Sid is arrested and produced before Ichcha for identification. Tapasya gets panicky. Ichcha says that she does not recognize him. In fact, she knows him as Tapasya’s boyfriend but wants to shield her friend from the consequences of the crime. Meanwhile Vansh falls in love with Ichcha. Veer’s mother Gunwanti gets tense; because now both her sons love the same girl and starts to hate Ichcha. Vansh asks Ichcha’s family for her hand in marriage, but Jogi Thakur flatly refuses to let her marry a recovering drug addict. However, Ichcha accepts Vansh’s proposal in order that Veer may forget about her and move on with Tapasya and convinces her family. When Veer comes to know about this, he is shocked and frustrated with everyone but sacrifices his love for his brother’s life. Tapasya, who can’t stand seeing Ichcha happy, tells Vansh about his bride’s and younger brother’s romance in the past. Vansh is deeply disturbed but goes through the marriage rituals with Ichcha for the name and status of Jogi Thakur. After the wedding, he sets about wrecking his own and his wife’s lives.

Meanwhile, a girl names Masoom enters the Thakur house, saying that she is his daughter. This creates misunderstandings between Divya and Jogi. Vansh starts suspecting that Ichcha is secretly still involved with Veer and harasses her. Veer and Tapasya move out of the household to give some space to Vansh and Ichcha. Vansh’s condition worsens as he begins to suspect Ichcha all the time with Veer or with other men. Ichcha and Veer meet each other for Vansh’s medicines, and Vansh finds it out. Further investigation leads him to Tapasya, where in a dramatic scene; reveals how she was the one who brought about all misunderstandings to Sid. Vansh gets furious and threatens to kill her. But Tapasya twists his words around and tells him that he is more to blame then her, having suspected his own wife and brother. Unable to face this truth, Vansh kills himself,Tapasya runs away. Ghosts of sadness close in on Ichcha once again. Having seen Veer with Vansh killed, Ichcha misunderstands Veer for killing his own brother to gain Ichcha for himself and blames him in front of everybody. But nobody believe her and Gunwanti slaps her. Veer is arrested by the police but is set free by Tapasya, who reveals the truth that Vansh committed suicide.

Veer starts suspecting Tapasya to be at the spot of Vansh’s death seeing her dupatta in the police station as evidence at spot. Tapasya gets fearful and has nightmares of getting caught by the police for abetting a suicide. Her fear gets realized when Sid threatens to reveal her role in Vansh’s death. Even though Tapasya bribes Sid, he reveals the truth to Veer. Veer gets Sid arrested and exposes Tapasya in front of everybody. Ichcha realizes her mistake and apologises. Veer throws Tapasya down and pushes her out of the house. Jogi Thakur banishes Tapasya from his house. Tapasya is no abandoned. Tapasya moves to a hotel and meets a wealthy man named Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. She becomes his lucky mascot in games of cards. He is attracted to her but also realizes the selfish and calculating nature behind her beautiful face. Later, Tapasya completely runs out of money. She is forced to stay in a slum and wear second-hand clothes cast off by rich women and once even Ichcha’s saree. Tapasya gets a taste of the life once led by Ichcha.
Veer tries to help Ichcha as a good friend, but Ichcha misunderstands and humiliates Veer and tells him to leave her alone. Veer does as she asks but then she realizes her mistake and tries reuniting with him, but Veer flatly refuses. Meanwhile it has come into light that Masoom is actually set by Pushkar to gain all the wealth. They are exposed and thrown out of the house.

Ichcha goes to Vrindavan.Meanwhile,Gunwanti chooses Veer’s childhood friend, Khinjal, as his new fiancee. On the day of their engagement, Veer receives the news that a fire has broken out in the spiritual retreat where Ichcha is staying. He drops the ring and immediately goes to the rescue. Kinjal goes away with a satisfaction that Veer will be happy. Veer proposes to Ichcha in hand, who accepts. Their marriage brings happiness to them but not to Veer’s mother and grandfather, who are furious with the couple for violating family traditions. Ichcha becomes hurt but Veer cheers her up. Misunderstandings occur between Veer and his grandfather, and Veer too becomes frustrated.
Tapasya, having faced many hardships and grown somewhat wiser, is accepted back by Jogi. She returns to her parents house but has a plan for revenge against those who hurt her. She begins by re-entering the Bundela house, pretending that she is expecting Veer’s child. Gunwanti accepts her just because she believes that the child is Vansh. Tapasya tries to create a rift between Veer and Ichcha but the plan fails. In a dramatic scene, then, it is revealed that Tapasya is really pregnant, a fact of which even she has remained unaware so far. She is overjoyed and thinks that now Veer will come back to her. The Thakur household also faces problems when Sumitra Devi and her son create misunderstandings between Divya and Jogi.
Tapasya receives a phone call from a stranger, saying that he knows a secret about her. Tapasya brushes it aside, but she actually has a secret which is related to her unborn child. The baby she is expecting is actually not of Veer but of Rathore. In the past, Tapasya and Rathore had a one-night stand, but she was intoxicated, not fully in her senses, at the time. Ichcha discovers that Tapasya’s baby could not have been fathered by Veer, as he is impotent. She gives Tapasya 15 days to tell the truth and leave the Bundela house. Later, Tapasya also finds out about Veer’s impotency. She threatens to reveal Veer’s secret and embarrass him if Ichcha tells the truth about the father of the unborn baby.
A brother-sister duo, Satyaveer and Sanchi, tries to ruin Veer and his family because of some old grievances. Temporarily, Ichcha and Tapasya join forces to save Veer and their friendship is re-kindled. Satya and Sanchi are exposed by Ichcha. Sanchi traps Veer in a false case of molestation. He is arrested but Rathore offers to get him released. In return, Rathore wants to marry Tapasya and even comes to Bundela house with a wedding procession. But Tapasya refuses him. Rathore convinces Satya and Sanchi to drop their verdict and flee the country. The case against Veer collapses.
Veer returns from jail, and Ichcha urges Tapasya to tell him the truth. Tapasya refuses. Ichcha herself tells Veer the truth. However, Veer’s new medical reports show that he isn’t impotent because of the medicines Ichcha gave him. Veer doubts Ichcha, they quarrel and she is heartbroken. She decides to leave the Bundela house. Tapasya gives birth to a baby girl. Damini decides to leave the Thakur house because a jealous Divya wrongly accuses her of stealing Jogi’s love.
Ichcha and Damini decide to start afresh. Veer comes to know the truth about the baby’s parentage and realizing his mistake starts looking for Ichcha. Tapasya is thrown out of Bundela house by Veer. She leaves her baby for some time outside an orphanage and goes to meet Rathore. When he assures her that he truly loves her, and not just his baby, she accepts his proposal of marriage. He goes to get his daughter from the orphanage, only to find that she is missing.

Meanwhile Ichcha finds Tapasya’s daughter, abandoned near a bus station by a man who had taken her from the orphanage. Ichcha and Damini name her Mukta and take care of her. They also meet an ailing old man whose son Avinash is plotting to get rid of him. Ichcha helps to get the son arrested. The old man has a little grandson named Kanha, whose parents are dead. Kanha and Ichcha take a great liking to each other. Soon, Ichcha finds out that she is expecting a child of her own. 5 months later, the old man passes away and leaves all his property to Ichcha and Kanha. Avinash is released from jail and plans to kill them. Ichcha and Damini escape with Kanha and Mukta. Meanwhile, Rathore and Tapasya get married and start planning a family. Disheartened by Ichcha’s absence, Veer decides to migrate to the U.S.A.
Ichcha still thinks that Tapasya is with Veer. However, Ichcha and Damini meet Jogi Thakur by accident one day. He tells them about all that has happened in their absence. Ichcha re-unites with Veer, also revealing the fact that she is pregnant just as he is about to leave for the U.S.A. Veer is in his cloud nine. Ichcha and Veer return home, where everyone is overjoyed. On the other hand, Tapasya learns that she can never have another child because of some medical problems. Hearing this, Ichcha offers to give Mukta to Tapasya(not knowing that they are really mother and daughter)but the offer is refused.

Ichcha gives birth to a son. Everyone in Veer’s family are very happy. However, Sumitra Devi and her son steal the baby boy by bribing a nurse. The Bundelas are told by the nurse that their baby choked to death. This leaves Ichcha and Veer depressed. Sumitra Devi’s son Pushkar is caught by Rathore and Tapasya as he is about to abandon the baby. Rathore and Tapasya are delighted with the child and take him home. They decide to adopt him since they are childless. Ichcha and Veer decide that they will not have another child; instead they will focus all their attention on Kanha and Mukta. Rathore and Tapasya celebrate the arrival of their adopted son with a party. They name the boy Yuvraj. Ichcha also attends the party. When Yuvraj is alone and crying in hunger, Ichcha’s maternal instincts are aroused and she feeds him. Seeing this, Tapasya gets upset and Sumitra Devi insults Ichcha as much as they can.
A few days later, Ichcha again visits Tapasya’s house and feeds Yuvraj. Rathore seems to understand her feelings. But Tapasya again lashes out at Ichcha, who apologizes and leaves. Now used to his mother’s milk, Yuvraj refuses to have any other food. Out of concern for the child’s health, Rathore asks Ichcha to feed Yuvraj every day while Tapasya is away. One day, Ichcha is doing so in the room of a hotel owned by Rathore. Tapasya, who suspects this, makes a false complaint to the police, which raids the hotel. In a panic, Ichcha calls Veer and tells him everything. Veer shows trust in his wife but advises Rathore to tell Tapasya everything. Later, Rathore finds that Tapasya is responsible for the police raid and quarrels with her. However, they make up after some time.
A man who looks exactly like Vansh arrives at the Bundela house. He claims that he is the elder son of the family. Gunwanti supports him but the others consider him an imposter. Later, in Jogi Thakur’s house, their new maid servant stabs Divya and tries to abscond with the valuables and cash that she has stolen. Damini saves Divya’s life and foils the robbery. The next day Tapasya thanks Damini for saving her mother’s life. Later, Tapasya goes to Bundela house and apologizes for her past mistakes. She sees Vansh’s lookalike and gets dumbfounded. She tells everyone that the man is a fake.
Veer returns from a trip and accepts the man in the house as Vansh. This surprises Ichcha. Later, Veer confesses to Ichcha that he knows the man to be an imposter but has been forced to call him Vansh. Veer has been blackmailed by an unknown person to support the imposter, otherwise Ichcha and the children will be harmed. The Vansh-lookalike tries to get close to Ichcha and, when she and Veer object to this, asserts his claim as her legal husband. Veer and the imposter come to blows. However, Gunwanti intervenes and supports Vansh. She tells Veer to accept the truth that ‘Vansh’ is Ichcha’s husband. This upsets Veer and he tells his mother that Ichcha will legally divorce Vansh if necessary.
Meanwhile, Tapasya finds clothes and jewellery belonging to Rathore’s first wife, Malvika who is dead, and wears them. Rathore sees her and gets disturbed by past memories. He shouts at Tapasya and warns her not to probe into his past. This causes friction between them. Later, Rathore’s beloved Daija, announces that her son is about to come home from abroad. Rathore has always regarded Daija’s son as a younger brother. The son in question turns out to be Tapasya’s ex-beau, Sid. This stuns Tapasya.

The man claiming to be Vansh is actually Rocky, a former jailbird, who is involved with a woman named Ruby, a club dancer. Rocky had been brought to the Bundela house by Veer’s mother Gunwanti, who is angry with Ichcha. Gunavanti is desperate to have a grandchild who can continue the Bundela lineage. But Ichcha having lost her first born child has decided not to have any more biological children. Hence, Rocky has been called to drive a wedge between Ichcha and Veer. Gunwanti hopes that Veer will leave Ichcha and marry another woman who will bear children for the Bundela family.
Rocky tries to molest Ichcha while the other men of the Bundela house are away. Gunwanti is horrified and calls Jogi Thakur for help. There is a scuffle between Jogi and Rocky. Trying to save Ichcha, Jogi accidentally kills Rocky. Jogi calls the police and gives himself up. After the police leaves, Veer comes to know that Gunwanti was the mastermind behind Rocky’s impersonation of Vansh and exposes her in front of everyone. Gunwanti confesses her deeds and reveals that her accomplice was Kasa, the loyal retainer of the Bundela family. Shocked by this double betrayal, everyone condemns Gunwanti and Kasa. Frustrated, Veer decides to get out of the house with Ichcha, but she refuses and begs him to change his mind. Veer’s father, Umed, decides to go with Veer. But Veer’s grandfather says that the one who made the mistake should go out. Gunwanti leaves even though Ichcha begs her not to. Ichcha convinces Veer to bring his mother back. Veer agrees; Gunwanti and Kasa come back home.

Tapsaya has been missing for a long time since leaving home after a quarrel with her husband. Veer and Ichcha take Kanha and Mukta to a park. They meet a mad woman calling herself a sinner and asking them to forgive her as she stole their baby. The couple is shocked. A balloon seller say that the woman says the same thing to everyone, so Veer and Ichcha leave. Jogi is refused bail. Divya thinks Damini is responsible for all that is happening and starts hating her. Ichcha identifies the mad woman as the nurse in the hospital who had told the Bundelas that their baby was dead. Ichcha reaches the hospital where she had given birth. She sees the CCTV footage and discovers Nani’s involvement in the baby boy’s disappearance.
On the other hand, Pushkar kidnaps the mad woman. Ichcha confronts Nani and asks the whereabouts of her son and threatens dire consequences if the latter hides the truth. Nani mocks Ichcha and asks for proof. Ichha talks about the CCTV footage, leaving Nani shocked. Nani says that she will not tell where the baby is, if Ichcha calls the police. But later on Avinash finds out that Yuvraj is Ichcha’s boy and he make a master plan to kidnap him, Avinash kidnaps Yuvraj and blackmails Ichcha to send Kanha to him and get Yuvraj her real baby. After she tells the whole story to Rathore, Veer and Rathore tries to find Yuvraj. Then Rathore decides to take a break and go to some place for an year. There Veer took Kanha with him to give him to Avinash and Veer takes the police’s help with him and he save both of his kids Yuvraj and Kanha.
Ichcha learns that she is pregnant with a second child of Veer. Both seem very happy Veer wanted to tell about Ichcha’s pregnancy to his family but Ichcha stops him. But during Holi, Veer and Ichcha go to Veer’s friend’s house to celebrate it, where Veer once again faces Avinash. Avinash tries to kill Veer by stabbing him by knife but Ichcha comes and kills Avinash. Sumitra Devi sees this and she informs the police. Ichcha gets arrested.

Veer is taken to the hospital.The news is informed to Bundela house, they goes to the hospital and Veer’s position is critical. Kanha informs that Ichcha is in police station and Gunwanti scolds Kanha, thereby Damini goes to police station and Ichcha says the matter to Damini and she rushes to the hospital and Gunwanti insults Damini, then Damini informs about this to Jogi and he is shocked and in the hospital’s television, Bundela family sees the video Ichcha killing Avinash and the press people enquiring Damini about the news. Veer’s father tells to help Ichcha but nobody gives heed to him. Nani comes to the hospital creates wrong exaggerations about Ichcha. At this time Megha Vyas of Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha, another serial of Colors TV hears about Ichcha and tries to help her and sees that the whole truth has not yet been revealed.

She visits Ichcha and supports her. Ichcha asks Megha to help her and wants to meet Veer. After coming from the jail,the press surrounds Megha and questions her. Megha asks the press to make Ichcha meet her husband since she has not yet been proved wrong and they have to respect her wish. Soon a verdict is passed that Ichcha can meet Veer. When she visits Veer, Veer in his semi-conscious state manages to recognize his family members but is only able to recognize Ichcha as the person who saved his life and doesn’t recall her name or his relationship with her that she is his wife Ichcha cried a lot and is devastated by this.

Uttaran story After 18 years

In this 18 year leap, Ichcha gives birth to a daughter, Meethi. Veer still doesn’t remember Ichcha and is remarried to Amla. Kanha is thrown out of the house and raised by Damini. Yuvraj stays in the Bundela house and given love and care. Very bubbly and loud Meethi is raised by both, Damini and Kanha. Meethi looks exactly like Ichcha. Ichcha was in jail for a whole 18 years. Damini grows to be a very rich and giving woman in this new leap. She owns her own mansion. Meethi then wants to give a surprise for Damini on her birthday by going to Mumbai.It`s actually Ichcha`s birthday. There Ichcha will also come for some days to stay. Ichcha saw her daughter for the first time. She is very happy. Meethi denies to go back and stay in the hostel, instead she wanted to stay at Damini’s place and study. She finally ends up in a college where Mukta and Yuvraj are studying. While Mukta meets with an accident, Meethi saves her, and that’s how they meet each other.
Nani discourages Mukta, when she talks about her new friend. Meethi attended the freshers party which was organised by Mukta. There she meets Aman Verma. Meethi is deeply impressed by Aman and falls for him. After the party while Mukta was waiting for an auto she meets Meethi. Meethi tells her to come with her but she refuses and Meethi leaves. She is later seen by Aman. Aman and Mukta decides to walk. Meanwhile Yuvraj gets drunk and is caught by police. This makes the Bundela house to panic. Aman accompanies Mukta to her house. Nani sees Mukta getting out of the auto with Aman and looks suspiciously at them. On the other side Meethi cannot stop thinking about Aman and how he helped Mukta from Yuvraj at the freshers party. Meethi goes to find Aman’s house after her special class. There she finds him ill and admits him in the hospital. Meethi is forced to came back home before Aman is conscious. Jogi Thakur meets with an accident while coming home after buying Mukta a handphone by selling his watch and admitted in the same hospital as Aman.
Meethi pays the hospital bills for Jogi Thakur. Aman thanks Mukta for admitting and taking care him in the hospital since Mukta was watching over Aman when he wakes up. When Mukta tries to tell the truth, a nurse interrupts. Pushkar complains over the hospital bills. Jogi Thakur goes to Meethi’s house to thank her. Jogi finds out than Meethi is none other than Ichcha’s daughter. He also meets Damini and they talk about the past. He inquires about Ichcha and Veer. Damini does not allow Jogi to meet Meethi. A program is set up in the jail for the children. Veer attends the program with Amla as the chief guest and he is surprised by the kindness of the children there.

There is a program in college in which Mukta and Meethi are dressed so beautifully that everyone is surprised. Aman cannot stop taking his eyes off Mukta, but Meethi thinks that Aman likes her. Yuvi is stunned and asks Mukta in hand to dance with him. Mukta, wanting to stay away from Aman agrees. Aman is extremely shocked, and agrees to dance with Meethi. While dancing, Yuvi dances forcefully with Mukta, and when he tries to kiss her, she slaps him and runs away. Meethi leaves with her. Angry, Aman fights with Yuvi, only to get his head injured.

Veer starts searching for Ichcha, after coming to know that whatever Gunwanti told Veer about Ichcha was a lie. realizing that she is his own wife, but he just could not recall her face. Ichcha comes to know about this and goes to tell Veer that she is the one, but thinks of Amla and stops. Veer tries to find the criminal records of Ichcha. Veer gets hold of Ichcha’s record but before he could read it Ichcha takes it away from him and hides it. Veer is extremely sad being unable to find out about Ichcha. Nani goes to Damini’s house and shouts at her to keep away from them. There Nani sees a photo of Meethi and thinks it’s Ichcha’s photo. There, Surbhi tells her the truth that it’s really Meethi. this surprises Nani. After the incident in college Meethi drops Mukta home. Nani sees Meethi and gets shocked.

The police comes to the Bundela house to get Yuvraj arrested after Aman lodged a complaint about him. He gets arrested and the news is put on TV. Back in Pune, Ichcha and Veer were talking about themselves when Yuvraj came on TV news. Both were shocked and immediately left for Mumbai. Meethi after seeing the news breaks down thinking of Aman. Ichcha follows Veer into the police station and sees the conversation between Yuvraj and Veer. Ichcha gets shocked after seeing the way Yuvraj talked to Veer. Ichcha makes up her mind to return to Bundela house, only for her children. After so many years Ichcha stepped into Bundela house, where she has a flashback of her grah pravesh in the house. there she sees a photo of Yuvi. Suddenly Gunwanti sees a woman in her house, and starts to question her. As Ichcha turned to show herself to Gunwanti, the lights went out. But Gunwanti managed to see Ichcha, much to her surprise…