Zain and Aaliya get married in Beintehaan

There was lots of high voltage melodrama in this week’s Beintehaan. There was tears, confusion, mystery, and lots more to add up the spice and get everyone glued to the small screens. Beintehaan is one such show which is set against the backdrop of Muslim community and shows how two souls get connected by the purest form Nikaah. The two leads of the show hate themselves and were close because of a misunderstanding between them. Now that they know the truth, they are like six to twelve points of a clock.

Aaliya thinks Zain is Zeeshan and falls in love with him. She starts hating him when she comes to know the truth that he is her maternal uncle Usman’s son Zain. She is about to get married to Zeeshan by her will. Her parents agree to give dowry to Zeeshan’s family hiding it from Aaliya. Zeeshan gets a photo of Aaliya and Zain being intimate and he gets angry. He calls off the marriage and insults Aaliya infront of everyone calling her a characterless girl. Aaliya and her family are badly hurt by Zeeshan and his mum’s words.

Usman supports Aaliya and says she has a right to speak and clear everything to bring out the truth. Aaliya says whatever is in the photo is wrong, she had fallen on Zain and he had just held her. That’s it. No one believes her except her family and Usman. Zeeshan says by seeing the photo, he can’t believe her words and his mum asks for more dowry. Aaliya refuses to give dowry as its nowhere right in Islam. Usman backs Aaliya. Everyone ask Aaliya to stop talking and go back to her room as she is the bride and should let elders decide.

Aaliya goes to her room and cries. Zain comes to her room through the window to take his phone and sees her crying. He asks her what happened. She tells him everything what happened and what Zeeshan told everyone about their affair. Zain is shocked. She cries a lot and he hugs her consoling her. Zeeshan’s uncle sees Zain going through the window and calls everyone to come with him and see the couple hugging. Everyone comes in Aaliya’s room and are shocked to see Aaliya and Zain hugging each other.

Zain says you all are mistaken, I was simple consoling her as she was not stopping crying. Everyone get a wrong impression about Aaliya. Ghulam, Aaliya’s dad, gets angry on Zeeshan’s bad comments about Aaliya and says my daughter is pure and he would not believe anyone except her. Zeeshan leaves with his family. His mum says we will get our son married to a nice girl in one week. Even Ghulam makes a promise that he will get Aaliya married to a nice guy before Zeeshan’s marriage takes place.

Ghulam is hurt seeing everything and gets a stroke. Everyone rush to call the doctor. Aaliya tells Usman how Zain fooled her becoming Zeeshan for her. Zain says whatever happened is because of Aaliya. Usman slaps him and brings him to Ghulam. He says its Zain’s mistake and to correct it, Zain will marry Aaliya. Everyone are shocked. Zain and Aaliya does not want to get married as they can’t stand each other.

Zain asks Aaliya to deny for the marriage. Aaliya tells Zain that she will talk to her parents and refuse for this proposal. They shake hands for the first time. Usman talks to Aaliya and convinces her for marrying Zain. Surayya talks to Zain and asks him to flee away after knowing that Usman wants him to marry Aaliya. Zain denies and says he can’t ruin his dad’s respect by disobeying him. He says he will marry Aaliya. Zain and Aaliya get married. Everyone are happy.

Surayya scares Shabana, Aaliya’s mum saying don’t blame us if anything wrong happens with your daughter. Zain was not ready for this Nikaah and I don’t know whether he will accept it by heart or not. Shabana is tensed and talks to Zain asking him to take care of Aaliya well. Zain and Aaliya leave for Mumbai as the Bidaai happens. Zain and Aaliya are in the car not looking at each other. The car suddenly stops and she holds his hand for a moment. Will this distance between them lessen? How will their lives bring them together now that they are married? Stay tuned and read the exciting update next week.