Zain and Aaliya meet up after one year; Zain glad to know Aaliya did not marry Rehaan in Beintehaa

Zain doubts Aaliya to be the owner of the Dhaba and stops its eviction. He then sees her dhaba’s pic on facebook and sees Bilquis’s pic in Aaliya’s name, thinks she cannot be his Aaliya. Rehaan reaches Shabana’s house and gives her Ghulam’s medicines. Shabana thanks him and says Aaliya listens to him. Aaliya gets Zain’s message that she is mistaken, he is not evicting his dhaba. Zain reaches mass marriage venue and thinks he does it usually thinking he will find Aaliya someday there. Zain and Aaliya reminisces their marriage and gets emotional. Surayya sees Zarina tensed and asks about it. Surayya opens the box and gets afraid seeing her childhood handkerchief, she asks Zarina to throw it.

Zarina asks if it is blood on it. Surayya says yes and runs to her room. Zarina thinks this is just the beginning. Zain then introduces himself as MKB groups owner to Bilquis and his father. They thank him for the arrangement and engage into a conversation. Rehaan gets a call that some goons are trying to break down dhaba. He informs about it to Aaliya and they both leave. Fahad asks Bilal why did he send eviction notice instead of warning. Bilal says he did this for the company’s benefit and says Zain has stuck 50 crores in that land and they cannot lose it. Aaliya and Rehaan reach dhaba and see goon beating servants.

Goon tries to break Usman’s pic, but Aaliya snatches it with him. Aaliya sees Rehaan injured and tries to nurse him. Rehaan asks police to send him a copy of FIR and says he will handle it legally now. She then looks at Usma’s pic and says she always walked through his path and thinks can be this man who assured her about not evicting the dhaba. Zarina takes a call and says Zain should not meet a girl because of whom Usman died and asks him to destroy dhaba and Aaliya. Aaliya’s servant inform her about goons destroying her dhaba and says MKB people arrange mass marriage on one side and other side show their cruelty by destroying their dhaba and say they will kill them if they come again.

Zain is at airport. He gets Rehaan’s mail and reminisces getting Aaliya’s mail and seeing Usman’s pic at the dhaba. He runs towards dhaba. Bulldozer is about to kill Aaliya. Zain comes running, Rehaan also comes running. Rehaan stops bulldozer and Zain rescues Aaliya by pushing her and falling on the ground with her. He then looks at Usman’s pic and says he found Aaliya after 1 year, says he fulfills his promise, says from today all Aaliya’s problems are his, he will protect her and not let her separate from him. Zain asks Fahad who sent eviction notice to Aaliya’s dhaba and says this time, he will protect Aaliya and not let her go. Surayya asks Fahad why did not he stop Zain to meet Aaliya and says she will not let Aaliya ruin their life again.

She says she will come to Hyderabad now. Zarina hears her conversation and thinks she cannot go to Hyderabad. Bilal brainwashes Fahad against Zain and says Zain will get you of this project now, says he will be with him any time. Fahad says this project is also his and Zain cannot get him out. Aaliya is busy with her household chores and reminisces Zain’s words that he cannot forgive her. Rehaan comes with children, sees Aaliya tensed and says they should go home back. Zain is shocked to see Rehaan and his children in her house and Rehaan’s children calling her ammi. He asks Aaliya if he married Rehaan.

Rehaan tries to clarify the mistake, but Aaliya stops him and says she and Rehaan are married. They both reminisce about their marriage and happier moments. Zain informs Surayya that Aaliya married Rehaan. Surayya says Zarina that Zain is still hoping about Aaliya and she will not let Aaliya come back in his life. Zain enters shrine and asks how can Aaliya do this to her and thinks to get answer. Ghulam asks Shabana packing bags and asks her to stop. She says she will not see Zain getting back to Aaliya’s life and trouble her.

Ghulam opens door hearing door bell and is surprised to see Surayya with Zarina. She introduces Zarina to him and says she came from Dubai after hearing Usman’s news. Shabana says our daughter left her since 1 year and asks her not to repeat old stories. She asks servants to bring gifts and says she brought them hearing about Aaliya’s marriage with Rehaan and asks why did not she inform her. Shabana says marriage happened in a hurry. Surayya asks if Aaliya is happy. She says yes. Zain says he knows Aaliya well as her husband Rehaan is his friend. Bilquis says he is mistake, they are not married.

Surayya on the other side says Aaliya she is happy about her marriage. Aaliya says she is telling right and says even Zain should remarry. Bilquis tells Zain that everyone is behind Aaliya to get her married, but she is not ready to marry. Zain gets shocked and happy hearing that. Zain then thanks the shrine priest for answering his prayers. Will Zain get back Aaliya in his life? Keep reading.