Zain divorces Aaliya by announcing third Talaaq; Zain regrets his decision knowing Aaliya is innocent in Beintehaa

Zain and Aaliya has started to master Usman’s business together. They take up a project together and go to the hotel. Hotel’s owner congratulates zain for the project and congratulates Aaliya for becoming owner of a big hotel chain. They then reach their hotel room, open their room’s windows together and enjoy. They then look at rain and reminisce their romance on a rainy day and consummating their marriage. Ghulam says he is worried about Aaliya as she did not even meet him in 2 months and informed about her divorce. Ghulam cries saying he should not have listened to Nafisa. Aaliya opens her room door and is shocked to see Zain is sharing same room and changing clothes.

Surayya’s sister Zarina walks in. She says though she disconnected her contacts with her, but she was being updated about her by her relative, says she heard about Usman’s death and asks her not to worry from now. Surayya introduces Nafisa and Shaziya to her. Hotel owner apologizes Aaliya for not having another room. Zain who is drinking alcohol says she is irked with me drinking alcohol. Aaliya says he is telling right, alcohol makes man it’s slave. Owner adds tablets in Aaliya’s drinks and tries to go out. Zain says he will give her drinks and takes it from owner. Zain gives Aaliya her juice and file and says he does not them. Aaliya says she is worried about their divorce in 3 days, says their relationship is made by Usman and does not want to break. She says he divorced her twice in front of many people and says if he ever loved her once, then not to divorce her third time.

Zain reminisces Surayya’s arrest and torture and gets irked on Aaliya. Aaliya drinks tablet mixed juice and starts feeling drowsy. Zain on the other side drinks alcohol. Owner takes Aaliya to his room forcefully and tries to misbehave with her. Aaliya resists. Zain sees that and beats manager red and blue saying Aaliya is his wife. He asks how can he touch her. Ghulam informs Rehan about Nafisa being behind all this. Rehan questions Nafisa about the complaint. Aaliya in sleep requests Zain not to divorce her third time. Zain sleeps beside her holding her hand. Zarina’s son Bilal also comes in Barkat Royale. Zain says it is truth says it is last day when we are each other’s and says she knows he thinks his life is ruined because of her. He says he has forgotten her.

Zain then sees Aaliya’s car stranded on a road and does not find her. He gets worried and starts searching her. Nafisa thinks how to stop Rehan from his investigation. She gets a call and is shocked to see it is Usman’s call. . She confesses that she did it to teach Surayya a lesson and apologizes him. Rehan records whole conversation. Zain and Aaliya both meet while searching for each other and get happy. They both take shelter in a hut. Zain and Aaliya reach their hotel and go to the restaurant for meals.

A girl hugs Zain and introduces herself as Sanam. Zain reminisces his promise to Surayya that he will divorce Aaliya and marry Sanam. Zain looks at Aaliya emotionallly and says he will end the relationship which brought sorrows to his family and says even she will be be happy getting freed from this relationship and then divorces her finally for the third time. Aaliya informs Rehan that Zain gave her third divorce at last. She then starts crying vigorously and tells Usman that Zain at last gave her third divorce when she requested him many times not to give. Rehan comes to Zain and leaves a recording and asks him to listen to it.Zain tells Sanam that he won’t be able to love her.

He says he is marrying her for his mom’s sake and says his divorced happened just now and he has not got out of it. Sanam gets emotional, wipes her tears and says our families know each other from many years and she took this decision after much thought, she will wait for his love. Nafisa sees Rehan and asks him not to give the tape to anyone. Rehan says he gave it to Zain. Nafisa gets tensed. Sanam becomes his friends and accepts his decision. Rehan’s given tape recorder falls. Zain plays it and is shocked to hear Nafisa’s confession of complaining against Surayya and him and making cylinder blast, etc. and saying that she wanted to take revenge on Surayya as she ruined her life and brought Shaziya home. What will Zain do knowing the truth that Aaliya is innocent? Keep reading.