Zoya refuses Aditya’s proposal in Bepannaah

MUMBAI: Zoya and Aditya’s love saga has kept many intrigued in Colors’ Bepannaah. With Tahir Shabbir’s entry in the daily as Arshad, their love story is witnessing a hurdle.

Viewers must already be aware that Aditya (Harshad Chopra) has accepted his love for Zoya (Jennifer Winget). He was also planning to confess his love and propose to her. Meanwhile, Arshad and Zoya have been allowed two weeks to get to know each other before their marriage.

As a result, Aditya decides to finally confess his feelings for her. He proposes to her. However, Zoya rejects his proposal and chooses Arshad.

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Well, don’t frown. Because all this was part of Aditya’s dream. However, this leaves an impact on him. He is afraid to propose to her in reality, fearing her rejection.

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