Madhu decides to transform RK into a mentally well grown man in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

The show is giving more space to Leelavati’s character now. Her character is grey like her daughter Sweety’s. Both mother and daughter are brought by Abhay to make Madhu’s life hell. Leela lands in Abhay’s house with her luggage. Pam is surprised and asks her the reason to bring the luggage. Leela tells her that she shifted here as Abhay wants her to be with Sweety and take good care of her being her mum.

Pam is shocked seeing Abhay not respecting her and not asking her before making any decisions. Leela eyes the house and the comforts. She meets Sweety and tells her not to worry as she will make sure that she gets up from the ground and lies in Abhay’s bed soon. Sweety asks her to do something before her six month contract marriage ends. Leela promises that she will fool Abhay and make his marriage permanent with Sweety.

RK is in happy mood and comes to Madhu in the kitchen. He blows some flour on her and laughs. He takes the flour plate and blows on Leela as he thinks it’s a play. Leela gets angry and throws all the flour on his face. RK feels bad. Madhu comes to his rescue and scolds Leela for taking revenge from a kid. Leela does not apologize and calls RK mad. He tells her that RK does not need to stay in between humans as he is an animal who should be in zoo. RK is very much hurt and runs to his room crying. Madhu goes after him. RK asks Madhu am I really mad, why do people laugh on me. Madhu pacifies him and cleans his face. She asks him to go and have a bath to clean the flour. She asks RK to believe in himself and do not care about anyone’s words.

Leela and Sweety lie at the poolside and relax having pleasures. Leela tells Sweety that she wants to enjoy the water feeling and lays her feet in the pool. She sees RK coming and starts insulting him again. RK gets angry and pushes Leela in the water. Sweety is shocked and calls Abhay for help. Abhay and Madhu come there and are shocked. They save Leela and bring her out of the pool. Abhay tells RK that what he did was wrong. He pushes RK in the pool knowing he can’t swim. Madhu is scared and Abhay asks her to support RK now. Madhu asks RK to help himself and she will not help him as he has to become independent now.

RK struggles in the water and follows Madhu’s directions to come out. RK finally holds Madhu’s hand and comes out. Abhay is shocked seeing RK and Madhu’s relation of understanding. Madhu scolds Abhay and tells him that one day RK will look in his eyes and push him to the ground from where he can never rise. She challenges Abhay to wait and watch how she transforms RK from a kid to a man. She says I know this journey will be tough but it is my promise to make him stand against you. Abhay gets angry and leaves.

Leela asks Abhay to use his mind and he stops giving RK his medicines. RK starts getting severe head ache and shouts destroying the room. Abhay shows the medicines to Madhu and asks her to apologize to him if she wants the medicines. Madhu does not comply and he wastes all the tables putting them in wine. RK breaks down and Madhu rushes him to the hospital. The doctor and Madhu see RK’s smartness in solving the rubik cube and think RK can get well if he is taken good care of. Madhu tells RK that from now on, her mission will be only to make him grow into a man.

Madhu starts teaching him small things in their room. RK and Madhu become great friends. Meenakshi comes to Abhay and Madhu and tells them about the annual function. Madhu tells her that RK will also participate. Abhay laughs saying he knows only to cry and shout. Madhu says he knows playing flute. Madhu prepares RK to play the flute on the stage and not be scared of anyone. Abhay becomes the chief guest and attends the event to discourage RK. Abhay makes RK scared but seeing Madhu cry, RK plays the flute well. Abhay is shocked seeing RK’s confidence. Will Madhu be able to make RK mentally well? Keep reading.