Anshuman trying hard to win Pakhi’s love and forgiveness in Tumhari Pakhi

Anshuman started trying to get Pakhi’s forgiveness but Pakhi is in no mood to forgive him. Anshuman sits with Bhaisa to have food. Bhaisa asks Pakhi to get some green chillies. Anshuman says he will also have some. Pakhi serves them. While Bhaisa eats it easily as he eats daily, Anshuman finds it hard to digest. He apologizes to Pakhi and asks her to forgive him else he will eat all the chillies. He says I can get unwell, you know I don’t eat spicy things. Pakhi does not care.

Anshuman eats all the chillies and his face turns red. Pakhi gives him water. Anshuman gets up and his pant gets torn. Everyone laughs. Bhaisa gives a towel to him asking him to cover up and go to his room. Anshuman leaves. Bhaisa asks Pakhi to go and help Anshuman. She comes to stitch the pant, he thinks of apologizing but does not get a chance. Everyone ask Pakhi and Anshuman to sleep in Kakasa’s room. Pakhi denies and says she came here to take care of Tausa and there should be someone with him at night, so she will sleep in his room. Anshuman too sleeps there as he needs a chance to talk to Pakhi. Anshuman and Pakhi sleep on either side of Tausa’s bed.

Anshuman crawls under the bed and goes to Pakhi. He keeps his hand on her mouth and says I want to you once. He asks her to come on terrace. Pakhi and Anshuman meet at the terrace. Anshuman tells Pakhi that the guy Rohan was actually Prithvi and he was planted in their lives by Tanya. She was trying to separate them. He apologizes to her and asks her to give him one last chance so that he can give her the happiness of the world and not give her any reason to complain.He holds Pakhi and he moves back. Pakhi’s heart does not melt thinking how he pointed her to be characterless. Pakhi leaves.

In morning, Bhaisa sees Anshuman itching. He finds her that red ants have bitten Anshuman. He asks Pakhi to apply some oil on the affected area. Anshuman takes off his shirt and the song Bol dil se………………plays………….. Pakhi applies the oil on his chest and they have an eyelock. Pakhi goes away and slips. Anshuman holds her and everyone come out. Bhaisa tells Pajhi that he will drop her to net café but can’t bring her back. Anshuman tells Bhaisa that he will go with Pakhi. Bhaisa agrees saying she is your responsibility. Anshuman takes Pakhi. While they return, her slipper breaks and Anshuman removes his slipper too.

They walk barefoot. Pakhi is still annoyed. Chutki sees their fight and suggests Anshuman to bring jalebis for Pakhi. Anshuman goes to the sweet shop and that day there is no jalebis made. Anshuman makes the jalebis himself and informs Chutki. She brings Pakhi and everyone there. Everyone is happy seeing how much Anshuman loves Pakhi, for her he is making the jalebis for the first time. Anshuman asks Pakhi to have the jalebis saying its my heart dipped in sugar syrup. Pakhi leaves annoyed. Lavanya’s friend notices some changes in Lavanya’s mood and taste and asks her to do a pregnancy test. Lavanya at first refuses but thinks to give it a shot. She does the test and to her shock, it comes positive. She shares her joy with Girish. He is very happy and hugs her.

He starts taking much care for her and the baby. Lavanya calls Anshuman and gives him this good news. Anshuman is really much happy and says congrats. He tells her that he will Pakhi with him soon. Lavanya wishes him all the best. Anshuman talks to Ayaan and tells him what all is happening here, Pakhi is not forgiving him. Ayaan asks him to keep trying and get Pakhi back. Anshuman makes Pakhi have the jalebis at home, as everyone ask Pakhi to eat. Everyone play the game Chittorai. They have a good time.

Anshuman makes Pakhi win to make her happy. He apologizes to her again but she does not forgive him. Bhabhisa asks Anshuman to dance as he lost the game. Anshuman agrees and dances on a Rajasthani song. Everyone enjoy and join the dance with him. Anshuman holds Pakhi at the stairs and tells her that he loves her a lot, and would do anything to win her forgiveness. He tells her that he won’t go without her. Pakhi thinks of his insulting words and is hurt. Will Pakhi forgive Anshuman? Will Pakhi’s family know the truth about their fight? Keep reading.