RK kills Abhay and brings Madhu in his strange family in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK takes revenge from Abhay reminding him his sins. He reminds Abhay what all he did with him and Madhu, how he insulted them at every phase of their life. He tells Abhay how he pushed him in pool, made him drink wine, beaten up Madhu, made him walk on the railing and made Madhu clean everyone’s shoes. He pushes Abhay at Madhu’s feet and makes him apologize. RK puts wine in Abhay’s mouth holding him. Madhu asks RK to stop all this, but he asks Madhu not to interfere as he is setting the scores with Abhay. He tells her that what Abhay did can’t be forgiven. Abhay did his accident and thanks to him, he got his memory back and is normal like an adult now. He takes Abhay with him to his room.

RK makes Abhay stand on a stool and makes him hang. He arranges the rope like whoever opens the door will be responsible for his death. Abhay asks RK to stop and not do this. Abhay is shocked seeing RK normal and full of guts. RK wishes him all the best and leaves. Madhu calls the police telling him that RK is about to harm Abhay. She says they are in Abhay’s room. The police rushes there and opens the door. Abhay hangs and is dead. Madhu and everyone are shocked. RK blames the inspector for killing Abhay and asks him to shut the case saying Abhay did suicide else he will lose his job. Madhu argues with RK for killing Abhay and calls him a murderer.

RK says even Kanha ji has killed Kansa, Abhay was also Kans so I have killed him. Madhu tells him that he is not her Raju who was innocent and honest, he has changed and now she won’t stay with him. Madhu comes back to Bittu’s house. RK asks Dolly and Gopi to take Abhay’s dead body to Jalandhar and do his last rights with Bebe. He takes revenge from Leela and Sweety too by putting red chilli powder in their eyes. They scream and are afraid. RK asks them to leave from their house. Even Leela and Sweety come back to Bittu’s house.

Sunny supports Madhu and tells that Abhay did wrong with her, he will kill Abhay. Madhu tells him that RK killed Abhay. Sunny is shocked. When Leela and Sweety come, Sunny does not allow them inside. Madhu asks Sunny not to talk to RK. RK comes to their home to take Madhu to his family doing her bidaai. He makes Madhu break the fast and makes her eat by threatening her that he will kill himself. He asks Leela to make her ready as his wife in bridal clothes. Leela makes Madhu ready and RK lifts her in arms. They leave for his home. RK describes his family where his Dau ji matters to him the most. He tells about Bai ji who is more than his mum. He says he lost his parents when he was young as some enemies killed them.

Madhu is scared and thinks in which world she is going. RK thinks she will jump off the car and handcuffs her. They reach his home. RK asks her to sit in the car and meets his Dau ji. The goons stop RK but Dau ji identifies him with first look. RK lifts Dau ji and happily hugs him. Dau ji asks him where was he all these years. RK tells him he will tell everything later. Bai ji meets him and is happy. She hugs him crying. RK meets his cousin sisters and his Jija Bhanu. Bhanu is shocked to see him and asks him how did he survive. RK sees his statue made. Dau ji says we thought we lost you, so we made this in your memory. RK shoots at him and breaks it. RK brings Madhu to them and tells them that she is his wife. Everyone is shocked.

Everyone taunt Madhu for trapping RK in her love. Dau ji says I will accept her as she is RK’s choice. He asks the women to do the Devi puja with Madhu. They take to the well and make her go in sitting on a swing. They put water on her. Madhu feels cold and asks them to stop them. They tell her there are many other rituals. Madhu is shocked to see their madness. RK’s Bhabhi is a widow, whom everyone feels is unlucky. Dau ji punishes her to do Madhu’s mu dikhai holding hot coal in her hands. Bai ji puts coal in her hand and she cries with pain.

Madhu calls them mad and shameless. Everyone is shocked. Bhanu aims a gun at Madhu scolding her. RK supports Madhu and gets angry on Bhanu. RK tells everyone how Madhu made him fine from a 8yr kid to an adult. Everyone are shocked. RK says she is my wife and everyone should respect her, else I will kill anyone who misbehaves with her. Dau ji calms them. Madhu is locked in her room and she cries saying she wants to go back to her home.