Dadisaa kills Het Singh’s son Suraj to save Gulli’s respect in Balika Vadhu

Subhadra is against Anandi as she is a divorcee and tells everyone how did Shiv accept a divorcee. Ira tells her that Shiv married Anandi as she won his heart by her goodness and innocent. She tells Subhadra that Anandi is an ideal bahu. Everyone loves Anandi and respects her in the family. Subhadra gets annoyed and talks to Daddu about Amol. Daddu tells her that Amol is a bright intelligent kid and Anandi is working hard on him. He tells her that Shiv and Anandi went to his school with him to bring his results. He says Amol studies well and will get good marks. Anandi and Shiv come back and look plain. Subhadra laughs thinking Amol would have failed.

Amol enters with lots of balloons telling everyone that he got good marks and everyone appreciated him in school. Anandi tells him that she is proud of him. Everyone are happy for Amol. Amol asks them to give gifts to him on his success. He asks Anandi and Shiv to take him out to celebrate. Anandi and Shiv take him out. Amol tells them about indifference that Subhadra does. Anandi pacifies him and asks him to respect her and make her happy. Amol buys chaat for Subhadra. He comes home and asks her to eat. Subhadra refuses being rude to him. She scolds him for bring street food at food. She scolds Anandi to not working hard and not making such things at home, rather than buying from street. Anandi is hurt by her words.

Dadisee sees the window glass breaking and looks out. She sees her family playing cricket and goes to play with them. She says I m the eldest, so I will do the batting first. Everyone laughs and have a good time together. Gulli hears some goons talking about Anandi and Jagya. She sees Het Singh’s son Suraj there. She gets caught by them and gets tensed. Suraj says now the time has come for revenge. Gulli calls Dadisaa and she comes there to rescue her. Suraj takes her to a room and tries to molest her. Dadisaa sees him molesting Gulli and is shocked. She sees a rifle and threatens Suraj to leave Gulli. Dadisaa shoots at Suraj and he dies.

Gulli gets wounded by the goons and Dadisaa asks the driver to take her to the hospital. Dadisaa looks at her hands and says what could I kill someone, I m a murderer. Dadisaa goes to the police station and tells the inspector that she killed Het Singh’s son Suraj. The inspector is shocked. Dadisaa surrenders herself. The driver brings Gulli to the hospital and Jagya treats her. Jagya asks how did this happened. The driver says everything about Suraj’s death. Jagya asks who killed Suraj. He gets a call from inspector. The inspector tells him that Dadisaa surrendered for killing Suraj. Jagya is shocked. Het Singh sees Suraj’s dead body and decides to take revenge from Dadisaa. He comes to the police station and holds Dadisaa’s neck. Dadisaa is shocked.

Dadisaa tries to explain him that it was unintentional. I did not want to take your son’s life. Het Singh hurts her and Jagya comes there asking him to leave Dadisaa. Jagya tells Dadisaa that Gulli is fine. Basant comes and tells Dadisaa that you are not a murderer, you did this to save Gulli’s life. Het Singh attacks Jagya and Basant frees him. The villagers gossip about Dadisaa killing Suraj. Het Singh is much angry and asks his goons to kill Gulli. Dadiaa sits in the police lockup and sees blood in her hands. She washes her hand and sees no color. She apologizes to Devimaa. Jagya comes to Dadisaa’s room and thinks about the time spent with her.

Amol and Subhadra sees Dadisaa’s killing Suraj news on tv and are shocked. The villager believes in Dadisaa and feel she did the right time to kill Suraj for saving Gulli’s life. They come to the police station and protest for her. They ask the inspector to leave Dadisaa. Dadisaa comes out and folds hands looking at the villagers. Anandi calls Sumitra and wants to talk to Dadisaa. Sumitra tells her that Dadisaa is arrested for killing Suraj. Anandi is shocked. Anandi comes and haveli and hugs Sumitra. She visits the hospital to see Gulli. She tells her that she will be fine as Jagya is treating her. Anandi asks her to have strength. What will Het Singh do now to take revenge from Dadisaa, Jagya and Gulli? Keep reading.