Arshi rubs butter all over Hiten’s sculpted bare chest at Sunny Leone’s behest

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode this time will surely make every viewer sweat! It has been said time and again that this season has been extra ordinary in terms of voyeuristic explorations. The Colors’ flagship reality show has gone beyond all frontiers and has dished out something that was not seen on Indian television before this.
Guess who is coming this weekend to turn up the heat all the more inside the Bigg Boss mansion? Well, it is none other than the Tera Intezaar’s lead pair Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan.
With Sunny in the house, the BB inmates could surely expect Sunny mornings.
As usual, the housemates had just woken up, ready to do their daily chores and tasks and in came a beautiful whiff… It emanated from none other than the seductress Sunny Leone. She was already in the house! Morning time was it and needless to say, the housemates were gearing up for a scrumptious breakfast. Guess what, the beautiful Sunny had things ready on her platter.
She brought mouth watering goodies with her to start the day with. Be it chocolate sauce or butter, she had it all, another thing she had was, an ulterior motive! Yes, if you might call it so…
All the housemates were excited to see her, on the contrary she was excited to meet our very own Arshi Khan!
Yes, you read that right guys…
Well, you don’t have to guess much about what happened next.
Sunny asked Arshi about the person who according to her butters everyone the most!
What do you think her answer was? Well, the obvious (coming from her that is) – Hiten Tejwani!
When asked why, she reasoned, Hiten is the only one in the house, to keep everyone HAPPY! She further explained, he manages to do that because he makes sure he is on good terms with everyone and that he never gets into any scuffle with anyone.
That’s when Sunny asks her to rub butter all over Hiten. How could someone like Arshi not JUMP at the opportunity? And that’s exactly what she did! She took a dollop of butter in her hand and proceeded towards Hiten!
A visibly dejected Hiten, murmured that he is always the one to be put in the spot! However, what he did next was quite eyebrow raising.
He reasoned, because the butter will ruin his shirt, he would better take it off – and almost as if in a fit, he pulled off his t-shirt to reveal his sculpted bod to all and sundry much to Arshi’s glee.
Arshi then proceeded to do what she does best, she rubbed the butter all over Hiten’s toned torso, running her hands all over his masculine curves which include his face, his shoulders, his back, his chest and left him all buttery and slimy. Everyone present seemed to enjoy the lascivious massage session.
Ahem Ahem! TellyChakkar is left to wonder whether this taking the shirt off act was an intentional or an impulsive move on Hiten’s part. Gradually, we are getting to see a different side to Hiten. He is proving to be a dark horse and a difficult contender slowly and steadily!
Great way to play Hiten… Great way to play!
Oh wait! Did we forget about Hiten’s beloved wife Gauri and his two kids? Certainly not! Getting to know Gauri’s opinion on this will be really exciting.
Without deviating any further – Arbaaz will be on the stage with Salman during the buttery fiasco. And what’s more? Tomorrow’s episode will see the Padmavati team entering the glass walled mansion!