Vikas has to choose between Bandgi and Hiten

The first day of the luxury budget task comes to an end with few of the contestants losing their chance to become the top contenders for captaincy. Today, the dinosaurs have woken up from their slumber and fight it out to be in the running for the Top 3 best players. As the second day of the task progresses, Puneesh Sharma makes good use of his agility as he desperately wants his candidate Bandgi Kalra to be one of the top contenders for captaincy. Puneesh swiftly manages to break out of the cage most of the times and crush the photograph of contestants who according to him would be a hurdle for Bandgi to be the next captain.
Dinosaurs Luv and Vikas, get into an altercation on over who will enter the other side. Things quickly escalate as Luv tries his hardest to go over and Vikas tries to defend the door; the two battle so fiercely that they almost break the door.
The final moments of the task seem to be the toughest. With only 2 contenders, Hiten and Bandgi, standing strong, it is now up to Vikas to decide who will go through to the next round for the captaincy task.
Having made promises to other contestants, Vikas finds it tough to select one of them and decides to walk out of the task – putting the luxury budget at risk!
He’s caught between the Devil and Deep Sea, when he realises he cannot go against Hiten because he’s made a promise, and also that he cannot go against Bandgi as he made a promise to Puneesh to protect her. But the task is incomplete till Vikas doesn’t pick one of the two for the final part of the task.