Simran fails Laali’s plan to divide the Sanghwaan family in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

Laali tries to win Simran’s trust and acts sweet to her. Simran says I m like your sister and we both will keep this family happy, this family is my life. Laali thinks she has to ruin this family to ruin her. Simran says you and Wazeero are special to me, I m worried about her, she was very sharp in studies, I was sure she will become a great girl but that Kuldeep is a monster.Laali can’t hear anything against Kuldeep and leaves in anger. She cuts her hand in the kitchen. Laali calls the police station to talk to Kuldeep. She tells him everything about Simran. Kuldeep asks her to keep her mind cool.

Himmat tries to get close to Laali. She shows her hand cut and acts like she is very ill. She asks him will he share her pain. He says yes. She says fine, then take this knife and cut your hand too. Himmat runs being scared. Tai ji and Chanchal discuss what to make in lunch. Tai ji tells about Himmat’s fav food. Chanchal says about Rajveer and Tau ji’s fav food. Simran thinks as Tau ji also likes the same, lets make their fav one. Tai ji says they are valuing Rajveer more than Himmat.

Laali comes to Tai ji and fills her ears against Simran. Tai ji says its not a problem, we can cook Himmat’s fav food tomorrow. Laali says I saw no one respects my husband and treat him as servant. Laali speaks against Chanchal and Simran. Tai ji says we are united family and this will go on. Laali gives an idea to Tai ji to ask Tau ji for a separate kitchen, they can use the one which was made for Rajjo. Tai ji thinks and agrees. Laali calls Kuldeep and says what she did at home. Simran hears her and starts doubting her. Tau ji is in good mood.

Tai ji comes to him. He says I m very happy, ask me what you want and I will give you. She says I want a separate kitchen from Simran and Chanchal. Everyone is shocked. Tau ji says I won’t give you any other kitchen, if you ask for another one, I will stop you from using the old one too. Dadi asks how did she tell this. Tau ji says go and ask Chanchal and Simran, did they fight with her.Chanchal and Simran say nothing happened between us. Laali informs everyone that Tai ji is on hunger strike. Tau ji breaks down. Tai ji says no one values me and my sons in this house.

She says now everyone are not valuing me, its good Laali knew my fear and gave me strength to do all this. Everyone are shocked knowing Laali gave her this idea. Simran scolds her for filling Tai ji’s ears. Laali starts crying and says I don’t have to do anything with this. Himmat gets angry and scolds Simran. Himmat counts Simran’s mistakes. Himmat and Rajveer get into a fight. Tau ji says have you both gone mad. He slaps Himmat and Rajveer. Simran asks Tau ji to keep his family united.

Tau ji announces a competition between Rajveer and Himmat to sell wheat, if Himmat wins, Tai ji will get a new kitchen. Laali calls someone and asks them to spoil Rajveer’s wheat. No one buys Rajveer’s wheat and Himmat sells all bag. Tau ji gives the kitchen to Tai ji, Hoshiyar comes to know Himmat cheated and brings a witness. The man changes his statement and Tau ji gets angry on Hoshiyar for lying to save Rajveer. Simran and Rajveer decide to bring everyone closer. Simran takes Gabru’s help.

Gabru tries to revive Tai ji’s love for Chanchal and Simran tries to do the same with Chanchal. Rajveer brings the man and asks him to tell the truth to Tau ji. The man says the truth is I lied yesterday. He says I did this to make Hoshiyar fall in your eyes, its true that Rajveer’s wheats were watered so that he does not win. Tau ji is shocked and asks why did you do this. The man says Kuldeep Singh made me do this. Tau ji and Hoshiyar patch up and hug. Simran gives them idea to act like they are leaving home.

Tau ji and Hoshiyar tells their wives that they are leaving home as they can’t see the family break. Tai ji realizes her mistake and goes to Chanchal. They make tea together and apologizes to Tau ji. Tau ji asks about her kitchen. Tai ji says she does not want it now. Everyone is happy and smile. Laali gets angry seeing Simran win over her. Simran warns Laali to stop playing games else she will have to pay for it. Laali starts planning against them again. What will Laali do next? How will Simran protect her family? Keep reading.