Madhu wins Dau ji’s challenge by her smartness; Bhanu and Agni plan against Madhu in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK meets his other brother in law Ashok who is a senior professor by profession. RK says its good to have someone educated and doing honest work in our house. Bhanu says he earns very less, so I asked him to join us but he is adamant and is happy in his work. RK says I have to find the man who has shot me. Bhanu asks do you remember him. RK says yes, he was one eyed and tells them how he was shot at his back and Meenakshi rescued him. He says his luck was good that he survived. Bhanu gets tensed and goes to meet the man to counter him. Bhanu talks to the man and asks him how did RK survive.

The man says I don’t know, I thought he is dead and we left seeing a lady see us. Bhanu says now I feel you will die and kills him. Bhanu says Raja……. I have written death in your fate, you have to die at any cost. He says you came back, but you won’t be able to take Dau ji’s place, you will die, as I will take Dau ji’s place, as I m his elder son in law Bhanu Pratap Singh. Tara and Agni have a talk in the kitchen. Agni speaks against RK, who is their cousin, and how he has insulted Bhanu infront of everyone. RK brings food for Madhu and asks her to eat it. She refuses and throws the food. RK gets angry and is about to slap her, but stops. Madhu says beat me, what else can you do.

RK says he can’t beat her, he can’t even scold her, as he loves her a lot. Dau ji is very happy with RK’s comeback and tells him you are my Modo, my heir, my blood, you came back see I became young again. Dau ji hugs RK and laughs.RK asks Madhu to get ready to do the puja. She asks what. He tells her that she needs to sacrifice a goat. Madhu is shocked and refuses to do so. Everyone wait for Madhu and she runs out. The goons go to find Madhu and catches her. They hold her hand and RK comes there. He beats them a lot for touching his wife and is about to kill them. Madhu stops him and says leave them, I m ready to come with you. Agni feels Dau ji’s ears against Madhu for not respecting him and running away.

RK brings Madhu home and gives her a gun to keep it whenever she needs help. Madhu is shocked. They come in the puja and RK gives her a sword asking her to cut the goat. Madhu gets tensed and cuts the rope of the goat. The goat runs and everyone are shocked. Madhu tells the animal minister that she did this to save his image in the media, if this news leaked, he would have been fired from his post. The minister praises her. The minister tells Dau ji that you did some good work, that you got a smart bahu. Dau ji, RK and everyone become happy. RK feels proud of Madhu as he gets praised. Bhanu brings the men and tells Dau ji that RK has beaten them. RK says yes, they have touched my wife. Bhanu and RK get into a fight. Dau ji scolds RK for misbehaving with Bhanu.

Agni talks to Dau ji and cuts her hand showing her blood is same as his blood, saying she is his daughter and RK is not his son. RK comes and ties a cloth to her hand calling her a drama queen who is always against him. He laughs on her foolishness and leaves. RK goes to hunt for his parents’ killer and asks Madhu not to tell anyone at home. Agni complains about Madhu to Dau ji. Dau ji asks Madhu to cook a roti for him by making a mud stove and making roti without using a roller. Madhu starts doing it as she got only one house. She does it with ease and Dau ji is happy to see her smartness.

He asks her what does she want. Madhu says she will ask when the time comes. She serves the roti with ghee and jaggery to Dau ji and he really likes it. Agni gets angry. RK takes Madhu for the last ritual and then they will be united. Madhu asks him not to touch her. She gets hurt by a thorn, and RK removes it. Bhanu and Agni plan to kick out Madhu out of the house. What will they do against Madhu and RK? Will Madhu be able to win Dau ji’s heart? Keep reading.