Sameer stops Meher’s wedding shocking everyone saying he loves Meher in Nadaan Parindey

RV apologizes to Sameer for shouting on him during haldi rituals. Sameer asks RV to control his anger and never be angry on Meher. He speaks good about Meher and tells about her dreams. Sameer thanks him for fulfilling her dream to go Canada. Sameer tells RV about his plan to make Meher’s dream true. RV says I did not do this before. Sameer asks him not to worry as he will manage everything. Sameer asks Minty to bring Meher out making my reason. Minty comes to Meher and finds her upset. She asks Meher to come with her out so that they can have a walk.

Meher agrees and they go out. Minty tells her that there is a surprise and one of her dreams will come true. Her prince charming will come riding a horse and will stop at her saying I love you, will you marry me. Meher is shocked to see RV riding a horse coming to her. RV has no control on the horse and falls going ahead of Meher. Meher and Minty looks at Sameer. He runs to save RV. Meher cares for RV. Sameer apologizes to RV. Meher scolds Sameer for doing this kiddish things as RV got hurt because of him. Minty says its not Sameer’s mistake, he did this to make you happy. Meher asks Sameer not to do any more favors on him. Sameer gets sad. Meher takes RV home.

Sameer comes to apologize to Meher. She returns him the souvenirs and asks him to take it and leave. She asks him to forget her. Sameer is shocked. He gets angry and comes home. He tells this to Bebe and packs all the souvenirs he has of his childhood. He tells Bebe he will also return all this to Meher. He goes to Meher to dump all those things at her. Meher gets emotional looking at the things. He reminds her of their childhood and how they used to preserve all the small things. They think about Bebe loving them and taking care of them. They think how Bebe gave them good values. Meher misses Bebe and cries. Sameer comes to Bebe and asks her to meet Bebe as she is not happy without her. Bebe cries and tells him that she can’t go against the panchayat.

Bebe limits herself. The wedding day comes. RV gets ready and gets his wife’s call who refuses to give him divorce. Sameer hears him taking to his parents that his wife is not agreeing for the divorce and now how will he marry Meher. Dimple asks RV to forget all this, once he marries Meher, everything will be fine, they will take Meher there and keep her as maid. Sameer is shocked. RV’s dad is scared that if anyone knows, they can land in jail. Dimple says no one will know, just hurry up for the marriage. RV goes to the mandap and meets Meher. Sameer is tensed and thinks what to do. Bebe sends a Chunni which Meher asked for before.She keeps it in shagun plate and it reaches Meher. Meher is happy seeing it and says Bebe did not forgot to send this.

Sameer thinks of telling Bebe but she is not present. Bebe comes to see Meher’s wedding standing far and is happy seeing her wearing her Chunni. Sameer comes to everyone and says this marriage can’t happen. Everyone are shocked. Mangal scolds Sameer. Sameer tells them about RV being already married and cheating everyone. Meher is shocked. RV denies it and calls Sameer a liar. RV tells everyone that Sameer is doing this as he loves Meher since childhood. He asks Sameer to confess. Sameer thinks about Purab’s words to stop the marriage by doing anything, just to save Meher from going to that hell. Sameer says yes, I love Meher. Meher and everyone are shocked. Nimmi and Mangal get angry. RV’s parents call off the marriage.

Mangal requests them not to do so. Meher feels bad seeing her dad plead to them. Bebe comes there and everyone blames Sameer. Bebe gets angry and slaps Sameer for ruining Meher’s life. Sameer tells her RV’s truth. Purab calls Minty and she tells him that Meher;s marriage stopped because of Sameer, as he said he loves Meher. Purab thinks Sameer did the work of stopping her marriage, but why did he say this. He tells Minty that he is coming there very soon.

Nimmi asks Bebe to take Meher with her as they have disowned her now, if she keeps her at home, then no one will marry Minty. Nimmi and everyone kick out Meher out of the house. Bebe is shocked and looks at Sameer and Meher standing at either side of her. Bebe cries thinking why this happened. She hugs Meher and asks Sameer not to come home with them. Sameer tells her that he is not wrong. Who will marry Meher now? Will Purab prove Sameer true? Keep reading.