Aaliya and Zain consummate their marriage; Zubair proved innocent in court by Surayya’s help in Beintehaa

Aaliya tries to calm Zain’s anger and tells him that she will not go out if he does not permit her. Zain is glad hearing this. Surayya calls Shabana and asks her to talk to Aaliya to ask what did she do here. Aaliya gets embarrassed and does not talk. Rehan calls his friend and asks him to check balance in his account. He informs him about Zubair and says if nobody comes to help Zubair, he may need money to bail him. Rehan gets a call from his daughter who informs that parent’s meeting is next month. Zain talks to Usman about Aaliya favoring Zubair in this case and whether he should help her.

Usman signs him to help Aaliya. Zain gives the bail amount to Aaliya and asks her to free Zubair, but this is their love test, they will always be together no matter what is the result. Zain says he believes Aaliya is right, Zubair is innocent. Surayya asks if his parents are wrong then. Zain says he believes in truth. Zain says it is unfair to blame Aaliya and says if Zubair is culprit, he will be punished, but the question is if he is really culprit. Surayya feels bad for Zain as she really feels Aaliya is cheating on him. Zubair’s mum gets happy and informs Ghulam and Shabana that Aaliya arrange Zubair’s money and will be coming here with Zubair in 2 hours. Shabana remembers Surayya’s warning words and thinks nothing bad should happen to her daughter.

Rehan comes late to the court and the hearing date goes far. Aaliya gets angry on him as Zubair has to be in jail till that time. Judge gets angry on Rehan for coming late and says he cannot accept bail. Zubair gets the bail and is free. Zain is sitting on the beach silently thinking something. Aaliya comes to him and hugs him, kisses him on the cheek being happy. Aaliya tells him that if Zubai is really the culprit, then she will punish him.Zain is happy. They come home and Surayya does not let Aaliya enter the house as she is supporting their enemy. Zain says he is with Aaliya. Surayya says it is his wish then and tries to enter house. Zain says he will not go inside house without her.

Aaliya gives him promise of their pure relationship. Aaliya makes him go and leaves from there. Aaliya stumbles and falls while Rehan holds her. Zain calls Aaliya and asks her to go to her parents house. Rehan asks Aaliya about Zain. She says he is world’s best husband. He asks if he can drop her home. Aaliya says she wants to reach her parent’s hotel. Rehan takes her in his scooter.Aaliya comes home and hugs her family telling them everything. Zain talks to Ghulam and assures him that he will take Aaliya back home soon. Aaliya and Zain miss each other and have a talk. Fahad asks Surayya why is she doing this to Zain and Aaliya.

Surayya says Aaliya helped Zubair who tried to kill Usman. Fahad says she helped Zubair with Zain’s permission, so it is clear that Surayya is doing this as her ego is hurt. Fahad says Aaliya is also a part of this house, when she cannot stay here, we all will not. Surayya apologizes to them and asks them not to leave the house. Zain happily calls Aaliya and says he is coming there to bring her back home as Surayya herself permitted him. Zain and Aaliya meet on the road and romances. They kiss and she hides her face with the saree. Zain romantically carries Aaliya into a house while it heavily rains outside.

Zain and Aaliya get closer and they kiss. They finally consummate their marriage. Zubair is proved innocent in the court as a girl gives her statement that Zubair was with her all night. Girl says Zubair was trying to protect her modesty, but she could not control herself from telling the truth. Zain apologizes to Zubair for misunderstanding him. Zubair says his dubai visa is expired. Fahad and Zain say he can work with them. Zain requests Surayya to let Zubair stay with them as Usman would also feel good. Surayya agrees as she plans to use Zubair to separate Aaliya and Zain. Aaliya eagerly waits for a moon in garden.

Zain asks what is she looking at. She says she is waiting for Ramzan’s moon and tells him the importance of Ramazan. She asks if he fasts during Ramazan. He says no. He says it is one of five pillars of Islam and asks him to fast this time. She says we both will pray for Usman and he will get well soon.Surayya gives Zubair his visa, Rs 25 lakhs and got that girl to free him. She asks him to fill Zain’s mind with doubt for Aaliya so that he hates her. Zubair is shocked? Will Zubair agree to Surayya’s dirty plan? Keep reading.