RK and Agni start troubling Madhu; RK electrocuted by Bhanu’s plan in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK comes to Madhu’s house before she comes from the family court. She is shocked to see him resting. He says now I will be staying here with you. Madhu is shocked. RK asks what happened now, now see I will become the poison for your life, which you can’t swallow and can’t spit. Bhanu tells Dau ji, who is annoyed with RK, that RK and Madhu applied for divorce. Dau ji says I know this, why are you angry. Bhanu says RK and Madhu has to be together for six months. Dau ji says if I allow him.

Bhanu says he went to Madhu’s house to stay there with her. Dau ji says how dare he. Bhanu says you called him your heir, your blood, but RK went to live with the woman who killed Bai ji. RK tries to make Madhu irritated, but she starts insulting him telling about the stubborn and shameless dog. Bittu faints in the jail. He is rushed to the hospital. Leela gets a call from the hospital. She goes to see Bittu with Madhu. The inspector tells Leela and Madhu about Bittu’s high BP and serious state. The doctor says Bittu is not fine, he has kidney problem, his BP is high, we have to keep him in ICU, bail him out, its not good to send him back to lockup after recovery.

Leela requests Madhu to free Bittu and talk to RK about this. Madhu is adamant and tries all law rules to free Bittu. A lawyer agrees to fight his case but RK buys him, and threatens him not to reach the court. Madhu is heart broken and comes back home. She tells everyone that Bittu did not get the bail. Leela blames her for all this. Dida cries. Madhu thinks what to do now. RK says you don’t cry, its not so tough, when Madhu enters my house, Bittu will come here. Madhu says fine, you bring him home. RK brings Bittu home and asks Madhu to come with him now. They leave taking Dida’s blessings.

Leela is very happy seeing Bittu back. Madhu pledges that she will turn RK from an animal to a human. Dau ji is happy seeing Madhu as he has to take the revenge for Bai ji’s death. Madhu meets Bhabhi and tells her how Bhanu has lied to her about Bai ji needing RK’s blood, else she would have freed RK for this cause. She says she is here to turn all these animals into humans and she will such things which no one has heard till now. RK asks Madhu to get ready for the trouble. He asks her to light the diya whole night else she will be punished. Madhu does so and sleeps. RK puts water on her face and asks her to put diya in hand and light it. Madhu does it. RK gets hurt seeing her hand burn and turns.

Madhu asks him to look at her wounds, as what he has done with her, that wound won’t go in lifetime. Agni sees this and thinks RK is turning seeing Madhu’s pain, if he gets love for her again. Dau ji asks Agni to trouble Madhu, so that Bai ji’s soul can get peace. RK and Agni give tough tasks to Madhu, which she does with ease by using her brains, and machines, which those illiterates don’t know. hanu cuts a wire and attaches it to metal rod. Agni comes and sees him doing this. She asks whats this. He says this is my plan for RK, and says Bai ji’s pic has a bulb, I will get this wire connected to it, and when hide the wire. He says then I will keep this chair where RK sits, then I will switch on the connection and this regulator will do the work.

He says when Madhu comes back, I will fuse the bulb, Madhu will switch off and on which will do wonders for us. Agni says so it means RK will die. RK comes to Madhu and says Dau ji that this bulb at Bai ji’s pic should never fuse, else you have to change it. RK sits on the chair and the bulb fuses. Madhu changes it and Bhanu attaches the wire. Madhu switches on the power and RK gets the shock. Madhu is shocked to see RK electrocuted and rushes to save him, but thinking how he has made her life hell and raped her, she moves back and is angry on him. Will Madhu save RK? Keep reading.