Aditya explains Vivaan about Chakor’s helplessness; Manohar pressurizes Prabhakar to bail out the goons in Udaan

Bhaiya ji is worried as Paasha can give statement against him for Chakor’s kidnapping case. Tejaswini says everything is fine, if Pasha gave any statement, we would have got information first. She shows the paper, and says this is FIR by Kasturi and Bhuvan that Ishwar has kidnapped Chakor. She says this is enough to get him off his duty. Bhaiya ji smiles. Ishwar comes home and makes call to Aazaadgunj post office. Lakhan sits in the post office and sends money order to his wife’s Maayka. The phone rings. Kasturi and Bhuvan get happy but hide from Lakhan. They wait till Lakhan is gone.

Kasturi then talks to Chakor, followed by everyone else. They all snatch the phone and talk. Ishwar says he has to talk to Bhuvan. He tells Bhuvan that he is Ishwar and says he heard he is giving report that we kidnapped Chakor. Bhuvan says we did what Tejaswini asked us. Ishwar says I know them, but I did not kidnap Chakor, Bhaiya ji’s goons tried to kidnap her, I saved her in time, but Chakor is with us, she is safe here. Ishwar says don’t worry, now its time to show Bhaiya ji’s true face to world, we have to end his bonded labor rule, I need your and Chakor’s help, I m sending money, come to Lucknow soon with your family.

Bhuvan says we can’t do this. Ishawr says if you don’t help us, you and thousand others will be bonded labor. Bhuvan thinks of Bhaiya ji’s power and tells Kasturi that they won’t go to Lucknow. Kasturi tries hard to convince him, but fails, as Bhuvan says he does not want to risk everyone’s lives for Chakor. Chakor comes to meet Vivaan. Vivaan meets Manohar. Chakor says Vivaan and runs to him with flowers. Manohar is shocked seeing her. She says I got these flowers for you. Manohar gets angry.

Manohar does not do anything infront of Ranjana and Vivaan. He leaves to meet Prabhakar. Chakor apologizes to Vivaan and says she did not cheat him. Vivaan does not hear her and does not accept the flowers. Chakor leaves for home being upset. Aditya talks to Vivaan and explains him well, why Chakor run from stable as she was missing her mum and was kept captive. Vivaan understands that Chakor did not cheat him. Prabhakar greets Manohar. Manohar says do my work, I want you to free my men. He says you will know Pasha and his man are caught in Chakor’s matter, find some way to free them.

Chakor comes there and Manohar is shocked seeing her. Ishwar asks Manohar why did he come here. Prabhakar asks Ishwar is this the way to talk to guests. Manohar says I don’t hope anything good from him, and I will tell him why I came here, I came here to free Pasha and his goon, whom you have framed. Prabhakar says I don’t know who suggested you that I can free criminals, I don’t do anything out of law limits. Manohar says I know your ideals and respect it, but you know Bhaiya ji does not like to hear no, whom he has never said no. Aditya tells Chakor that he met Vivaan in lunch and explained him that you did not cheat him. Chakor smiles. Ranjana asks Vivaan to be away from Chakor and his dad.

Prabhakar says he does not want to risk his family’s peace for Chakor’s sake. Everyone get upset because of Chakor and does not have food. She makes everyone come for dinner and unites the family. Kasturi hides from Bhuvan and goes to make the call to Lucknow by post office. Prabhakar’s wife takes the call and says Ishwar, its Chakor’s mum’s call. Chakor smiles. Chakor runs to the phone happily and talks to Kasturi. She asks when are they coming. Kasturi says we will come soon. Ishwar talks to her and asks is she ready to come. Kasturi says yes, we will come. Bhuvan comes there and shouts Kasturi. She is shocked and he drags her home being worried that Bhaiya ji’s men may see them.

Kasturi says it is better to go Lucknow than being slaves to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan says anyone can know who has sent us money, what will we tell them. Bhaiya ji calls Prabhakar. Prabhakar is tensed seeing Kamal Narayan on the phone screen. He takes the call and Bhaiya ji asks about his health. Prabhakar says I m fine, I was thinking to call you and send Diwali sweets. Bhaiya ji says leave the sweets, first do my work. Prabhakar says he is trying.

Bhaiya ji says this words does not suit you, get them bailed out, its good for both of us. He gives Diwali greetings and ends the call. Prabhakar tells his wife about Bhaiya ji and hears Chakor laughing. He says her laugh will one day make all of us cry. He says he will inform Bhaiya ji that Ishwar is trying to get Chakor’s family here. She stops him. He says sometimes we have to go against our family to save our family, and calls Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji is busy in aarti and does not take the call. His wife says maybe its Lord’s sign to stop us.

Ishwar gives money to Chakor saying its sent by govt for her bravery to make the police catch Pasha. He keeps her self esteem. Abha sees it and touches his feet in respect for having done it in good way. Prabhakar understands everything and is angry as Ishwar is ruining everything for the sake of a little bonded girl. What will Bhaiya ji do now to get Chakor back? Keep reading.