Kabeer gets more clues against Kushan in Laut Aao Trisha

Amrita thanks Kabeer for getting back her Trisha back and says he fulfilled his duties as a friend. Amrita and Pratik bring Trisha home. Trisha is surprised to see her welcome decoration. Bobby, Meghan and Vivan welcome and hug her. Trisha asks Meghan about Lavanya and Kushan. Pratik gets Neha’s calls repeatedly. Trisha sees that and gets sad. She asks whose call it was. He says nobody else and says from today he will be with his daughter. Kabeer meets Varsha and asks her a way to get back Trisha’s memory. He says sometimes it takes a lifetime and sometimes with a picture or sign, it can come back. She says just like Trisha got well soon, she will get back her memory.

Abhay comes and says Pratik, Kushan and Gaurav are having guns. He says they all three are rich and it is obvious to posess gun, we have to find out from whose gun, Trisha was shot. Pratik and Gaurav hand over their guns to Kabeer. He thanks them for their cooperation and leaves. The doctor says Pratik and Amrita that he spoke to his senior and even his opinion is that Trisha should not know about her kidnap. Pratik and Amrita reach Trisha’s room and see Sonali telling her about her kidnap. Trisha starts getting panicked and getting headache. Pratik yells at Sonali. mrita says she should have taken her permission.

Sonali says to show concern, she does not think she shoud take her permission. Pratik says if anything happens to Trisha, he will not spare her. Lavanya massages Kushan’s head and let him sleep on her lap. He thanks her for helping him. She says her kids and him matters to her and she is tensed that her kids have still not forgiven her. Kushan gets tensed that Trisha must have got back her memory. He says he wants to confirm if Trisha was hit by Kushan’s gun. Kabeer asks if he exercises while having alcohol. Lavanya gets Kushan’s gun. Kabeer says he will return it after investigation and smiles seeing Kushan tensed. Lavanya wakes up from sleep, takes out gun from her cupbaord and looks at it. She thinks Trisha was shot from this revolver and nobody knows about it.

She hides it in warehouse and panicks remembering how she shot Trisha and cries apologizing her. Kushan asks what if Trisha gets back her memory. Trisha gets afraid seeing Bobby wearing hooded jacket. He informs Lavanya and Kushan kidnapper was wearing hooded jacket as Trisha got afraid seeing him in hooded jacket. Kabeer reaches Neha’s house. She gets tensed seeing him and asks what he needs. He says eternity and he will get only when he solves case. He gets into house and says he needs info from her to arrest Pratik. Neha asks why will she plant photos and debit card in Pratik’s wallet and locker. He asks why not.

Varsha comes to Kabeer’s home, sees him tensed and jokes that he must not be thinking about her. He asks if he took a difficult case like Trisha’s. He says case is not yet closed. She says his work was to find out Trisha and once she is found, his work is done. He says his work has not finished and until he finds out Trisha’s kidnapper and who tried to kill her, he can’t be in peace. Kushan realizes he wore hooded jacket during his last meet with Trisha. Lavanya sees Trisha’s letter in cupboard and tears them. She gets Mehata’s call and gets busy on phone. Meghan comes and reads torn letter. Lavanya sees that and takes them from her. Neha meets Kushan and says Kabeer is doubting her now and wants proof. He asks if she has any proof. She says no. He says Kabeer is trying to trap her and she should not get into it.

Kabeer comes there and they both get tensed seeing him. He acts as meeting them for the first time, then says he knows them well and asks if they know him. He says they must have met by coincidence and asks them to discuss what they were talking. Kabeer says his officer that looking at the evidence, Kushan may be the main culprit and Neha his puppet. Abhay asks if they should interrogate Kushan. He says he will get alert and should instead pressurize him to make mistake and get caught himself. Abhay informs Kabeer that Trisha is not shot by any of Swaika family members and in hospital, bullet was shot by country made gun. Kabeer asks him to get team to the kidnapping spot. Kabeer comes to know that two guns were used to shoot Trisha. Will Kushan be caught? Keep reading.