Anshuman makes a tough decision and chooses Tanya over Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi

Tanya and Mr. Rana was embarrassed the way Anshuman and Pakhi dances infront of the guests not thinking about anyone’s image. Anshuman and Pakhi were drunk and the Bhaang was brought in the Rathore mansion by none other than Tanya. All the blame goes on Girish. Pakhi comes to know that Girish did not bring the Bhaang and has to find out who did it. Anshuman and Pakhi were so much drunk that they were not in their senses and spent a good time together. Anshuman confesses his love for her saying I love you to her. Pakhi feels his love and hugs him. But soon after, when he gets over it, he forgets what he said to Pakhi. Though Pakhi remembers it and is very happy that what he could not tell in senses, he told in drunken state. Pakhi sleeps and Anshuman is called by Lavanya.

Lavanya scolds him saying him the temper of Mr. Rana and how he threatened to ruin his image in the media. She tells him that Mr. Rana can hurt him in business and he is very powerful. She asks Anshuman to talk to Tanya once as she is crying since morning, since she has seen him with Pakhi. Anshuman goes to Tanya and she starts shedding crocodile tears. She seeks his support and tells him to think about her as she is his future and Pakhi has to go one day, then why to bond with her, when the relation breaks, if will hurt everyone associated with it, even Pakhi will be hurt after you leave her. She tells him that he is playing with Pakhi and her emotions. She asks him to choose between her and Pakhi, atleast he can keep any one happy.

Anshuman is spell bound and feels Tanya is so good. He gets into her words and tells her that he will do whatever she tells him to do. Tanya cleverly asks him to end his friendly relation with Pakhi and take away every right from her and give the rights to her. She says since you love me, every right should be mine, Pakkhi is coming closer to you as you are giving a chance and this may at the end hurt Pakhi the most. Anshuman understands and promises her that he and Pakhi woll be strangers from today. Tanya becomes very happy and thinks she has fooled the simple Anshuman. Anshuman comes back to his room and looks at the innocent face of Pakhi.

Next morning, he starts keeping some distance with Pakhi. She feels this and asks him what is the reason of this rudeness, did she do any mistake or is he shy for what he said yesterday. She feels maybe Anshuman remembers that he has admitted his love and feeling awkward to talk to her. She is happy thinking Anshuman is acting so cute. But Anshuman has something else in his mind and tells Pakhi that if they be friends, it will hurt them when the time comes for her to leave the house. He explains Pakhi what Tanya told him.

He tells her that she has to leave one day then why to bond so hard that they get hurt when they separate. He tells her that they don’t need to be like a husband and wife as she is not his future. He says I love Tanya and I want to marry her. He says what should I do, I promised her that I will marry her and she is living in this house only for me, she did not lift a spoon in her house and for me she is working all day in this house like a maid. It is her true love that she is dedicating her life for me. Pakhi is hurt as his decision of marrying Tanya is firm.

Ayaan wants to bring Pakhi and Anshuman closer, but Anshuman finally tells him that they can’t act now. Ayaan is disturbed and tells Anshuman that he will not accept Tanya at any cost. The way Anshuman can’t love Pakhi, he can’t love Tanya. He gets angry on Anshuman for making his mum go away from him. Anshuman is stuck between love and responsibilities. He thinks he will lose Ayaan again after winning him after so many years. Pakhi tells him that she will make his bond with Ayaan very strong that it can never break. Anshuman says why are you so good Pakhi. He thinks why is Pakhi doing this, knowing she won’t get anything in return. He feels Pakhi is selfless and is a nice human being. Will Anshuman find out Tanya’s selfish love? Will Pakhi bring out Tanya’s real face? Keep reading.