Sodhi gets kidnapped; everyone worried in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

This week started with Sodhi giving everyone the party for his success. Sodhi gets a good profit in his business and also gets a good deal which will be beneficial for his garage. Roshan and Gogi give this news to all the society members and everyone are very happy knowing it. They congratulate Sodhi and his family and asks for a treat. Roshan says Sodhi is busy in his work and will give the party later. Sodhi plans a great party only for the men of the society. Sodhi asks Popatlal to call up everyone and tell that he is giving a party and they should not tell their wives about it. Everyone lie about this to their wives and makes excuses saying we have some important meetings and work, so we have to go out tonight and will be late. Their wives believe them and permit them to go.

Everyone meet on the road and go to the Dhaba together. They see that Sodhi has done good arrangements but he is not present there. They call up Sodhi to find out where is he after calling everyone. They call on his number and could not talk to him. Dr. Haathi sits at someone else’s table. The men fool him and he has to pay their food bill also, which is hefty. Dr. Haathi does not bring money and Taarak has to pay for the bill. They think it is a loss as they have not eaten anything and had to pay the bill. They wait for Sodhi for long and they discuss where might have Sodhi gone. They get calls from their families and they lie to them saying they will be late.

Sodhi is kidnapped by some sardar jis for no reason told yet. Everyone come out of the Dhaba upset that they did not meet Sodhi and the party is called off. A man tells them that Sodhi has been taken by few men in a truck. Everyone are shocked and discuss what to do now. They try calling him and come back to the society. They are tensed as no one knows about the party. Eventually, they have to tell their wives about their lie and that Sodhi is missing. Everyone are shocked. They together tell Roshan and she is worried about Sodhi.

Everyone try hard to find Sodhi and he does not even turn up the next day. They finally go to the police station and meet inspector Chaalu Pandey. They tell him everything how Sodhi was taken by few men and he is not responding to any of their calls. Chaalu Pandey takes the case in his hand and looks into the matter. The police also do their work and everyone also try. Everyone pacify Roshan and Gogi and take good care of them. The women go to meet Roshan and pacify saying we will get Sodhi soon. They make Roshan not worry and make her have food.

Tappu sena make Gogi have food and tell him that Sodhi will come soon. Tappu sena supports Gogi and asks him not to worry much as they all are like a big family. Tappu sena gives Gogi strength and make him relax. Gogi and Roshan are thankful to the Tappu sena and everyone in the society for their love and support. Everyone discuss where did Sodhi go. Jethalal gets a call from the kidnappers asking for Rs. 24 lakhs in return of Sodhi. Everyone are shocked. Jethalal talks to Sodhi and he asks him to do as they say. The kidnappers ask them to arrange the money soon and they should not inform the police as Sodhi will be in risk. Everyone meet in the urgent meeting and discuss how to arrange such a big amount. Everyone tell how much they can contribute and may be it will be 24 lakhs.

Roshan is thankful to everyone for their wonderful gesture. Jethalal tells he will talk to his business associates and arrange money in few hours. The kidnappers call them and asks them to bring the money and take Sodhi. Now, the question is who will go to rescue Sodhi and give the money to the kidnappers. Everyone are worried as they are scared of the whole matter. Will Sodhi come back safely? Keep reading next week for more interesting and funny updates of the best comedy show on Indian Tv Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.