Anu signs the annulment papers in Shastri Sisters

Sareen gets angry on Minty knowing she has made Shastri ji’s state so bad by her bitter words and insult infront of everyone in the Lohri function. She says I did not know he will get heart attack, I got angry and the matter went ahead. Sareen says don’t lie, the people are pointing on us again, my friend is fighting with death, and the girls can lose their dad. He says you made Rajat get engaged to Devyaani just for your ego. Minty says Devyaani made Neil commit suicide. She cries and defends herself. Sareen scolds her and says all wrong things are in you. She says fine, you don’t need me, just tell me once, I will leave you. He asks her to get out, leave him, go and die. She goes to her room and locks the door.

Rajat holds Anu and pacifies her tears. He asks whats the matter, you look tensed after meeting uncle, is he fine. Anu wipes her tears and says yes. Minty says no one needs me and messages Rajat. She goes to hand herself, and Sareen and Neil save her. Rajat comes home and Neil tells him about Minty’s suicide attempt. Rajat holds her hand and asks what does she want. Minty says I want my family back, I want Sareen and my sons to love only me, and not go after Shastri family. Rajat says why do you feel I don’t love you. Minty says if I refused you to marry Anu, you would still marry her right. Rajat says if I knew this, that you are hurt so much by this, then I would have not done this.

Minty says refuse to Anu now. Rajat thinks how will he tell this to Anu, and asks her to meet him. Anu tells Rajat that she will love him forever and she will never marry him. She says its time to separate and removes the mangalsutra. She gives it to him. She says I m sorry Rajat, it will be good if you accept it soon. Minty tells Rajat that she knows he is hurt, but he will soon realize this decision to break marriage was right. Rajat disagrees and says I have one more decision which I will take, if I don’t marry Anu, I will never marry anyone. They get shocked. Minty meets Shastri ji and taunts him. Minty says lawyer said when guy and girl did not stay together as husband and wife, then annulment is enough, and then you can find any rich guy for your daughter, just spare my son.

Rohan says Anu and Rajat will not claim any rights after annulment. Rajat thinks how can they do this, I won’t let this happen. Shastri ji says start the process. Rajat says no, how can you decide so soon. Rajat tries to stop them, but Rohan asks him to leave. Neil lies to Anu about Rajat’s accident and takes her to Rajat, Rajat is restless in his room, and says how can uncle do this, love is imp in life, Anu loves me, does she know this marriage is going to end, no else she would have called me, but she should know this. We should be adamant that we won’t break marriage. Rajat tells Anu that they are saying the marriage can get annulled if husband and wife did not unite, why don’t we unite to save our love and marriage, this is the only way to save our love, and our families can’t separate us after this.

Rajat holds her face and gets closer. She closes her eyes and he goes ahead to kiss her. She recalls Shastri ji’s words and her promise. She pushes Rajat away and says no Rajat, this is wrong. He asks wrong? We are husband and wife Anu. She says no, please forgive me, I can’t do this. He holds her hand and says this is not wrong, this is the only way to save our love, please, I love you. he says dad will be worried, please. He leaves her hand and cries saying you still care for your family, not me and my love, you did not think once, your no can make me feel cheap.

Anu says its not like that. He says shut up, I was a fool to think you will support me, I realize its you who always failed our love, this love does not deserve that you save it. He says today you have proved how much you love me. She says no, I love you. He says enough, you and your lie don’t have any place in my life now, just leave. Anu cries and comes home thinking about Rajat’s words. She talks to Shastri ji about giving Rajat chance. Rajat fights for Anu’s respect outside home with a veg vendor. Minty gets angry seeing this. She asks Anu to leave Rajat for his good. Anu signs the annulment papers and cries. Will Rajat and Anu get separated now? Keep reading.