Chakor and Bhaiya ji team up to win elections in Udaan

Bhaiya ji comes in the Saraswati puja in middle of Aazaadgunj village and talks to all villagers. Bhaiya ji says I have come here to do a promise. Bhaiya ji says Maa Saraswati is idol is education, art and music. He says everyone has right to study. Bhaiya ji says education opens door of prosperity, and we get chance to go ahead in life. He says the importance of education. He says everyone should get this chance. Bhaiya ji says all village kids will go to school and take a flight towards education, but this will happen when I win elections, when you give your valuable vote to me. Chakor asks him to promise and gives her hand.

Bhaiya ji promises her holding her hand. Ranjana comes and sees this. She asks Lakhan’s wife Kishori about it, and says Bhaiya ji is acting, he will not educate the village kids, I m part of his house, he will ruin them after winning elections. Kishori decides to support Ranjana. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to paste his and Chakor’s poster everywhere. Ishwar comes there and is shocked seeing Chakor pic on the poster with Bhaiya ji. Chakor says if he does not win, we won’t get education, promise now. She makes them vow that they will give vote to Bhaiya ji. Ishwar comes there and is shocked. Chakor is glad seeing him.

Chakor says everything is fine here. Ishwar says no, you know Bhaiya ji is bad and you are supporting him, and taking vows from everyone to vote him, why are you doing this, this is not Chakor who was in Lucknow, how did you change. She says I did not change. Bhaiya ji has changed, and I will get benefit if we give them vote. Ishwar says Bhaiya ji can lose to Ranjana. Chakor says if he wins, we will go to school. Ishwar says you won’t understand this election ideas, they make wrong promises. Chakor says she will support Bhaiya ji. He explains her and asks how can he trust Bhaiya ji, who kidnapped her in Lucknow, chained her legs, you will regret Chakor, he will not send anyone to school after winning elections. Bhaiya ji comes to Ishwar and taunts him. He asks why does he want to become the bandhua’s savior. Ishwar says fake promises, sweet talk, you fooled Chakor by it, but I won’t let you win this election.

Ishwar says I m the election officer and says he did a crime that he came inside without permission and his nomination can be denied. Chakor says I know Ishwar, he is very adamant. He says Chakor has managed everything, else Ishwar would have cancelled my nomination to take revenge. Bhaiya ji talks to Ranjana and she says she is glad that he accepts her as competitor. Manohar asks Ranjana to be in her limit, and she scolds him. Chakor supports Bhaiya ji and argues with Ranjana in the village. She does his campaign in the village.

Ranjana says Bhaiya ji and I are different, he thinks he is your owner, and I regard you all my family. Chakor says no, you don’t regard us yours. She tells the villagers everything. ok bath saying they are animals. Chakor says we don’t trust you that you will get education for us. Ranjana says fine, if I said anything in anger, it does not mean I won’t get education for you all, if you all think Bhaiya ji is good and I m bad, then take his test. She says just one night, he has to be here in this village, else you all have to vote for me. Chakor agrees and tells the condition to Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji says one night in village, I can’t stay there for one hour. He scolds Chakor and asks them to take her away. Manohar calms him down and says he will do anything to make him win. Ishwar says power does not work all the time, when Ishwar stands infront of you. Ranjana invites Ishwar for lunch and he meets Chakor. He says he did not change, and she thinks she is just making wrong people do right work, and did not change too. Chakor supports Bhaiya ji. She tells everyone to vote for Bhaiya ji and make him win.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji has promised this. Bhaiya ji says yes I will fulfill my promise to send all kids to school, give me vote and get good future. Bhaiya ji feels tensed as Ranjana is giving him good competition and agrees to her condition. Bhaiya ji hides and goes to the village in disguise. Everyone meet him in village. Ranjana asks Ishwar to come with him to village, as its wrong to campaign one day before, I think you should file case on him.

The villagers treat Bhaiya ji well and Chakor supports him. Ranjana brings Ishwar there. Everyone is shocked seeing Ishwar. Ranjana says its illegal to ask votes one day prior to elections, or to impress them, giving them money, or scaring them, its against the rules. Ishwar says if this is proved right, your name will be removed from nominations and you can’t contest for elections. What will the villagers do to support Bhaiya ji and Chakor? Keep reading.