Bebe finds out Iqbal’s truth; Iqbal marries Meher making Bebe worried in Nadaan Parindey

Meher argues with Purab asking how can he do this with Sameer, and what kind of hatred is this with his brother. Purab says he is not my brother. She says fine, but he is my Sameer. She says I won’t tell him, as this will break his heart. Purab says I m not taking any revenge from him, the thing is I love you Meher. She says I will keep up this love and no one can stop me, not even you. Sameer sits for the haldi and thinks about cheating Meher and feels bad. Malik keeps an eye on him and asks him to think about their mission. Purab comes and tells Sameer that he can save him, if he says, as he is his brother.

Sameer asks Purab to take rest now, I don’t need you. Purab thinks to catch him red handed and guards at the army office at night with his staff and waits all night for Sameer to come. Sameer tries leaving the house at night, to go to army office and take the file. Sameer writes a letter for Meher saying till you get this letter, I will be going very far, I can’t marry you, I m not your Sameer the one you loved, forgive me, take care. He keeps the letter and looks at Bebe’s pics for the last time. He comes to Bebe and sees her sleeping. He thinks I wish I could stay here with you, I m taking your memories and love, it will always be in my heart Bebe, I won’t forget you and won’t be able to meet you again, but still I will come to see you from far if I stay alive, forgive me Bebe.

Sameer leaves and Bebe stops him, asking him to stay at home and locks him in his room. Malik waits for him at the border and is angry as Sameer did not come and ditched him. Malik comes to meet him and scolds him. Sameer tells him that Bebe locked him. Malik aims at Sameer and says you forgot you are Iqbal, not Sameer, his look alike, who came from across the border. Bebe hears this and is shocked. Bebe asks who are you, I heard everything, where did my Sameer go. She says ashamed on your mum and your birth, upbringing. Bebe says will you slap me, if it was my son, he would have not done this, you are not my son. Iqbal says I came from across the border and ready to die and kill anyone.

Bebe says let me meet and see my son once, I will be satisfied. Iqbal says you can’t meet him, till our work ends. She says I will kill you if he dies. Iqbal threatens Bebe and asks her to be quiet now. Bebe asks what about Meher. Malik asks Iqbal to marry Meher and Iqbal agrees. Bebe thinks she can’t ruin Meher’s life and goes to police station to complain about Iqbal. Malik informs this to Iqbal and he rushes to meet Meher. He takes her to a temple and marries her. He brings her home and tells Bebe that he has married Meher. Bebe is shocked and is helpless now. Iqbal asks the police to leave, as its personal matter. Purab is shocked seeing Meher married and asks whats all this. Bebe looks at Purab. Channi says Sameer married Meher.

Meher’s family is annoyed as Meher rushed to marry Sameer, but at the end agree to accept them, as they were destined to marry in evening. Bebe is angry on Meher, for not telling her anything. Meher apologizes to her and says Sameer took me without telling me anything, and I did not know his wedding plan. Mangal says lets do rituals now. Malik looks at Iqbal. Everyone do the rituals. Bebe does it with no heart. Iqbal threatens Bebe again. Iqbal says he will kill everyone here if she does not shut her mouth. He says we don’t think before killing anyone. Purab looks on fuming. Meher prays to Lord and says I accept Sameer by all my heart and all pain and happiness of this house is mine now.

She says I won’t let any bad shadow come on this house. Bebe thinks she will save Meher from this traitor. Mama asks Sameer about its honeymoon plan. Bebe gets worried. Bebe comes to the Dargah and cries. She thinks of her son Sameer and Iqbal. She says why are you punishing me, he is Sameer’s look alike, such a big cheat and I gave Meher to him, what to tell him now, to give herself to that traitor. Iqbal asks her to agree with her only then he will keep Meher happy. She scolds him. He says what happened is because of Lord, I came here and married Meher, all because of Lord. Lord will send me back after my work ends.

He says bless me, its my first night. She holds his collar and says don’t dare to touch Meher. Bebe asks Meher to sleep in her room on her first wedding night. Meher misses Sameer and wants to go to him, but Bebe keeps a watch on her and does not let her go to Iqbal. Meher comes to Iqbal in morning and lies in the bed with him, getting romantic. Iqbal is attracted to her and touches her while she smiles. Will Iqbal consummate his marriage with Meher? Will Bebe prove Iqbal to be a traitor?Keep reading.

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