Yamini gives birthday surprise to Raghavendra; He warns Nikumbh to be away from Yamini in Baawre

Azam teases Nikumbh taking Yamini’s name and says she is more than a friend now. Nikumbh says Yamini matters to me just for the play, we are not even friends, I spend some time and know her well now, nothing else. Yamini talks to Dadi and tells her that Nikumbh is her best friend. Dadi shows Yamini her childhood pics. Dadi tells her about Raghavendra’s best friend, then they fought and did not meet again, he does not say but did not forget him. Yamini says shall we surprise him by making him meet him on his birthday. Dadi says where will you find him. Yamini says can’t I do this for him.Yamini takes Nikumbh’s help and shows the pic of Raghavendra’s friend and tells him everything. He says I can’t tell the address as I will come with you.

Raghavendra tells his wife that he knows Yamini used debit card for whom and who is changing her.He says I told you its someone from play group. He thinks about Nikumbh and goes to the haveli to find out Yamini went out with Nikumbh.He calls Yamini and she lies to him that she is at haveli. He gets angry and thinks to talk her at home. Nikumbh and Yamini finally finds Raghavendra’s friend to give him a surprise on his birthday. They convince him to come tomorrow. He says you both talk when there is misunderstanding and smile before fight. Raghavendra comes home and is angry saying Yamini is flying high these days without my permission, she started lying to me.

He says I have to see Nikumbh, I could not get him today, it does not mean he got saved.Yamini comes home and Raghavendra confronts her where was she in afternoon. She still lies. He is about to get angry and gets a call from civil site. Yamini later on tells him about his birthday surprise and he thinks she is making him meet Nikumbh. Yamini orders the cake and magic candles. Everyone greet him happy birthday and Yamini hugs him. The door bell rings. She smiles and goes to call them inside. She turns and says this is your surprise. Nikumbh walks in first and everyone is shocked seeing him.Raghavendra gets angry and stops seeing his friend walk in.

Yamini says he is the actual surprise and Raghavendra is very happy. They have a great time recalling all old memories. Yamini tells him that Nikumbh is her good friend and she knows a lot about him. Dadi asks Yamini to see how Raghavendra is fuming. It’s a strange time for Raghavendra, if his daughter feels someone else is her friend, its jealousy for a father that someone is having more right than me, someone knows her more than me, he is annoyed now. Raghavendra asks Yamini how did she find his friend. She says with Nikumbh’s help. Raghavendra indirectly insults Nikumbh.

He warns Nikumbh to be away from Yamini after the play ends else he will see his bad side. Nikumbh says after saying so much, now he wants to see his bad side. Raghavendra is stunned as Nikumbh takes his warning lightly.Nikumbh does not tell Yamini what her dad told him, even when she asks again and again. The party pics are made and Nikumbh and Azam go to pick them. They find out that a reporter took Nikumbh holding Yamini’s pic and wants to publish it. Yamini gets the reporter’s call and he blackmails her for Rs. 50000. Yamini goes to him and scolds him, asking him to do what he wants. He forwards the photo to the newspaper editor. Nikumbh and Azam come there.

Nikumbh scolds him and says I have many friends, I will bring your reality and then see how famous you become. The reporter apologizes to him. Azam deletes the pic from his computer, but come to know he has already sent it. Nikumbh slaps him. Nikumbh tries to convince the editor a lot and says he won’t write the column for the paper from now. The editor agrees. The play hero Samrat lands up in jail and the principal asks Nikumbh to do the role, but he refuses and says Azam knows the reason. Nikumbh says this play is important for me, to prove everyone that I can fulfill my dreams, this play was the biggest which could have changed everything. Yamini asks Azam what is the matter. He shows her a video.

Nikumbh’s dad scolds Nikumbh and asks him not to do acting, as he is not an actor. She says maybe there was something, Nikumbh does direction and writing, then why not acting. Nikumbh thinks of his dad’s words and is very upset. Yamini tries to bring Nikumbh out of his sadness and give a new chance to his life. Will Nikumbh do Dushyant’s role? Keep reading.

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