Bhanu gets exposed and lands in jail; Madhu worried knowing she is pregnant in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhu sees RK getting electric shock. She is stunned seeing him and thinks what to do. Madhu thinks she will no save RK, as he troubled her and her family a lot, but no, if she does the same like him, then whats the difference between them, she can’t let down Dida’s values. She quickly turns off the power and saves his life. Everyone come there and Agni and Bhanu blame Madhu for trying to kill RK. Dau ji scolds Madhu and says Bai ji was stranger to you, but he is your husband, your Lord. He says if someone tries to kill Lord, she gets punished. She says I saved him and if you want to kill me, first hear Bhanu’s truth and then decide.

Bhanu lied to everyone here, he came to my house and said Bai ji is ill, he did not tell Bai ji is serious and she needs RK’s blood. She says if I knew this, I swear on Dida, I would have taken case back and saved her, I m not lying, Bhanu is responsible for Bai ji’s death and you are blaming me. Everyone get angry on her and does not believe her. RK thinks that Madhu told this to him before too. Dau ji scolds RK and asks Bhanu to shoot Madhu. RK stops Bhanu and tells everyone that Madhu has saved him, and now he can’t hate her anymore, he regrets for troubling her a lot.

Madhu says she hates RK and does not love him. RK is hurt. Agni thinks Madhu will not break down by herself, so I have to bring Dida here so that we should hurt her and Madhu feels her pain. Agni goes to meet Dida and convinces her to come and stay at their house. Dida agrees and comes to Madhu. She cries and hugs Madhu seeing how RK has made her burn her hand by lighting the diya. RK wants to ask something to Madhu but she does not talk. He says what she said about Bhanu, I did not agree, there is something which I m not seeing, that I m not wishing to see.RK starts getting a doubt against Bhanu in his mind and thinks to do something.

Madhu advices him to use cameras at home so that Bhanu can get exposed. RK likes the idea and waits for the chance when the family goes out. Bhanu gets an idea to kill Madhu by her own hands and gives her low lever guns asking her to clean it. Madhu points to herself and cleans. RK feels something is odd and just moves the gun, the bullet fires and it hurts Agni’s hand. Dau ji is again angry on Madhu. RK defends her. Bhanu plans to kill RK and brings lassi for him mixing something. He faints drinking it. Bhanu asks Madhu to do a dangerous puja for Bai ji, and scares her as ghosts.

Madhu sees the shadows and understands they are humans. She sees them hurting RK and stops them. They start hurting Madhu, just then RK gets up and beats all of them. He tells this to Dau ji and says he will expose the culprit till tomorrow. Agni and Bhanu get tensed and take the family out to temple to meet the goons by some excuse. RK calls the cameraman and asks him to fix cameras is every room. He then asks Madhu to go to Bhanu and make him angry so that he can speak out all the truth. Bhanu and everyone come back from temple and Madhu goes to Bhanu.

Bhanu says he took all Dau ji’s property and tried to kill RK and her. Madhu smiles. RK hears all this seeing on the video screen and fumes in anger. RK asks Dau ji to come and see something. He shows them Bhanu’s video in which he has accepted his crime. Everyone is shocked. Dau ji slaps Bhanu and Madhu calls the police to make Bhanu get arrested. Dau ji goes to Bai ji’s pic. She blows off the diya and says now no need to light this diya, Bai ji will get peace today. Dau ji apologizes to Madhu for troubling her so much for Bai ji’s death. Madhu gets unwell and Bhabhi calls the doctor.

The doctor comes and checks Madhu and says she is pregnant. Madhu is shocked and thinks of RK raping her and this child being its symbol. Madhu asks the doctor not to tell this to anyone, but RK asks her. The doctor does not tell him and leaves. RK wonders what happened to Madhu. He comes to talk to Madhu and she scolds him a lot asking him to leave. Will this baby bring Madhu and RK closer? Keep reading.