Zubair and Surayya try hard to separate Zain and Aaliya, but Rehaan fails their evil plan in Beintehaa

Aaliya and Zain are very happy seeing the Ramzan moon. Surayya plans to separate them by using Zubair and thinks this will be Aaliya’s last Ramzan with Zain. Aaliya prays may Allah give strength to Zain to fast whole month and protect him from evils. Zain says he will fast whole month and pray for Usman to recover soon. Aaliya is happy and gives him a prayers book asking him to read it. Zubair walks in and hugs Zain and pulls Aaliya’s leg. Aaliya congratulates Zain for his first day of fasting and prays god to help him. Zubair enters Aaliya, sees Zain sleeping, keeps a greeting card on the bed, and drops alarm watch.

Zain wakes up and asks what is he doing. Zubair says he brought thank you card for Aaliya and asks him to give it to her. Zain does not bother to see that card and passes it to Aaliya, but she being busy thinks to see it later. Surayya’s plan flops. Aaliya goes to Usman’s room and says Usman that she and Zain are eagerly waiting for him to wake up soon. Rehan saves Zain in a business deal and makes his profit. Zain thanks Rehan. Zain says Aaliya tells about an angel and he is an angel to him now. He invites him for iftaar but Rehan says some other time. Saif gives that card to Rehan’s son as a thank you card who shows it to Rehan.

Rehan is shocked to read that Zubair has expressed his love for her and saying that he and Aaliya loved since childhood and wants to hide their relationship. Rehan remembers Aaliya’s concern for Zubair and thinks bad about Aaliya.Zubair comes to meet Zain in his office and fills his ears against Aaliya that she was very close to him. Zain says she is your friend, but loves me a lot. Aaliya comes there and says her prince charming is Zain Abdullah. Zain gets glad and leaves with her. Zubair fails in his motive. Rehan’s son gets kidnapped and Zain sees him taken away. Zain starts beating goon and asks Aaliya to take Kabeer from there. Rehan comes and beats the goons too.

He thanks Zain. Zain says it is their fate to have iftari together. Zain brings Rehan and his children home and introduces Surayya to him. He introduces Rehan to Usman and says he won Zubair’s case. Rehan says he just helped Zain in business, but Zain got back his life, his son.Zubair creates a drama lifting Aaliya by saying a cockroach is there. Rehan sees this and asks Aaliya to be loving towards her husband and family. Rehan remembers Zubair lifting Aaliya. Aaliya on the other side thinks why did Rehan tell that and what he wanted to tell. Aaliya comes there and asks Zain if he is sure about making Rehan their company’s legal advisor. Zain tags a love note on their dressing table and says he will give her 1 love note daily.

Aaliya says it is month of Ramzan and we should pray and says it is his decision now to be intimate or pray. Zain says she taught him to fast and pray god. Aaliya gets happy and thanks him for his love note.Surayya comes to meet Rehan. She says Rehan that Zain now believes him as his brother and she also believes him as her third son and asks him to be with Zain always and to guide him. Rehan gets a call from Zara and goes out to pick it. He is shocked to see Zubair kissing Aaliya in his cabin. He then remembers Aaliya telling Zain is world’s best husband.Actually, its Surayya who planted a girl in Aaliya’s getup to make Rehan think that Aaliya is cheating Zain and has an affair with Zubair.

Surayya says she was thinking of sending iftari to Rehan as he does not have wife. She asks Aaliya to take it personally to Rehan’s home. Aaliya is busying helping Kabeer and Zara with their homeworks. She gets Zubair’s call who asks if she told anyone and if Zain will doubt. Aaliya says no. Rehan hears her conversation and gets angry on her. Rehan is angry on Aaliya for cheating Zain. Zubair comes there and takes Aaliya from there holding her hands. Zain tries to call Aaliya repeatedly, but her call is not reachable. Surayya fills his ears. Zain calls Rehan and asks about Aaliya.

Rehan says she left with Zubair. Zubair comes lifting unconscious Aaliya in his hand. Zain worriedly asks what happened to Aaliya. Zubair says truth is he and Aaliya love each other a lot. Everyone are shocked to hear that including Aaliya except Surayya. Zubair says we used to love from before always. Aaliya asks Zubair to stop joking and says Zain that he is telling a lie, the truth is they were planning a surprise party for his next week’s birthday. Aaliya asks Zubair why is he doing this when she helped him a lot and bailed him out.Rehan tells against Aaliya as he saw her with Zubair kissing. Zain is shocked. Will Rehan prove Aaliya innocent or characterless? Keep reading.