Bhide and Madhavi celebrate their wedding anniversary in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Bhide takes a scooter from his friend to do some work as he has to cover many areas. His friend tells him that the scooter is like his child and he loves it a lot. He asks Bhide to take good care of it and not hurt it as it will hurt him. He says I have kept it with so much love and care and would not like to see it damaged. Bhide promises him that he will not damage it and return it in proper condition as it is now. He leaves with the scooter.

He comes to the society and everyone thinks Bhide bought the scooter and asks him for the treat. Bhide tells them that it is of his friend and he has taken it as he has some work. Everyone ask him to buy a new scooter for him. Bhide says yes, I will see that later. He meets Babuji in the compound. Bhide tells him about the scooter story and that he is going for some work. Babuji says I m getting bored, I will come with you. Bhide agrees and they leave from the society. The scooter does not run fine and Babuji and Bhide are shocked.

The scooter breaks down and Bhide pulls it. But he is unable to start it. Babuji says I will push it and you try to start it. Bhide sits on the scooter and Babuji pushes it slowly. Bhide asks him to sit and drive and he will push it. Babuji does not know how to ride a scooter and Bhide explains him to apply the brakes once the scooter starts. Babuji sits and Bhide pushes fast. The scooter starts and Babuji is unable to control it and apply the brakes. He starts shouting and Bhide runs to save him. The scene is hilarious. Babuji goes and bumps into the wall.

He gets hurt and falls. Bhide runs to him and lifts him up. Babuji scolds him for getting such a bad damaged scooter. The scooter also breaks down and all the parts come out. Bhide is worried seeing the scooter. He thinks what will he say to his friend now. He asks Babuji to go home and he will take the scooter to the mechanic. Bhide takes it and asks the mechanic to repair it. He says it can’t be repaired in one day and will need much money and time. Bhide takes it back to the society. Bhide does his work by travelling in the auto.

He loses much money in one day because of the bad scooter. Bhide’s friend comes to the society to take the scooter and is shocked to see its damaged state. He scolds Bhide and asks him to buy a new scooter. Madhavi hears this and feels bad for Bhide. She thinks Bhide does not like to spend money for himself so he is reducing the expenses. She thinks she will gift him a new scooter on their marriage anniversary. It is their anniversary tomorrow. Bhide and Madhavi greet each other and tells that they have good surprise gifs.

Sonu also wishes them and asks about the gifts. Bhide says see tomorrow. The day comes. Everyone wish the couple and are very happy. They ask Bhide about the surprise. He says we will let you know in the evening. Everyone surprise a party for Bhide and Madhavi without telling them. It is Tappu sena’s idea. Tappu calls Jethalal and asks him to call Bhide and make him ready in a good suit. Tappu asks Dayaben to call Madhavi and make her ready in a good gown. Jethalal and Dayaben does as Tappu says them.

Bhide and Madhavi get ready in good clothes and are brought in the compound. They are shocked to see the anniversary arrangements in the compound and are very happy. They thank everyone for the surprise party. Everyone ask them to dance as the night is theirs. Bhide and Madhavi dances on the son Mere haath me tera haath ho, saari jannatein mere saath ho, tu jo saath ho, phir kya ye jahaan, tere saath me hojaun fanaa. ….. Everyone love their dance. Bhide brings a necklace for Madhavi as surprise and she buys a scooter for him as his gift. Everyone are happy for them. The party rocks. There will be more surprises in the show next week. Keep reading.