Dipika to act friendly and hurt Dhara in Sanskaar

Dipika and Ketki have a talk against Dhara. Though Ketki has promised Dilip that she will not do anything against Dhara, she did not change. She lied to Dilip and is still supporting Dipika. Ketki advises Dipika to become Dhara’s friend and win her trust so that she can get into everyone’s good books and create a good image of her. Dipika agrees to her idea and tries to become friendly with Dhara. She goes to Dhara and shows her the video in which Dhara is seen going in the hotel room where Jai was present.

Dhara is shocked and apologizes to Dipika for having breaking her trust and spending the night with Jai. Dipika forgives her and says I m losing my Jai to you. Dhara tells her that Jai will always be hers and she will not claim any right on him. Dipika is happy and offers her friendship. Dhara feels glad and becomes her friend thanking her for forgiving her for the one night stand with Jai. Dipika asks Dhara to live the seventh month with Jai as his wife and live all her dreams that a wife should have with her husband.

She says she won’t be having any problem with them being together and after the end of the seventh month, Dhara has to leave from the house and Jai will be only Dipika’s. Dhara gets happy seeing how Dipika is supporting her. Jai asks Dhara to come with him in a party as she is now a part of his business. Jai takes Dhara for a meeting of his business and makes her his partner. Jai tells everyone there that Dhara is not educated and he is proud that she is his wife as she can make the kids’ dream come true by making their toys.

He tells them that Dhara makes good toys and brings happiness. He asks everyone to think and decide whether they want to make Dhara the partner or not. Everyone are satisfied by Jai’s words and makes Dhara the business partner. They give them a party to celebrate. Jai asks Dhara to get ready and Dipika enters. She tells Dhara that she will make her ready for the party and asks Jai to leave as she will send Dhara by a taxi soon. Jai leaves not knowing about Dipika’s plan. Dipika makes Dhara ready and asks the taxi driver to drop her at the call girl’s place. She gives him some money.

The taxi driver lies to Dhara that the car broke down and she needs to find another taxi. Dhara does not know what that place is. She meets few call girls and thinks they are also waiting to get a taxi. The girls pass comments on her looks and suddenly police raids there. The police assume that Dhara is also a call girl and arrest everyone including her. Dipika is the one who informs the police to raid and she hires a man to take Dhara’s photo in the lockup and gives it to the newspapers to print in the morning issue. Dhara lands up in the lock up and tries to tell the inspector that she is not a call girl.

At that place she called up Jai and told him her location. Jai comes there looking for her. The inspector calls Jai and asks him to come as Dhara told him that she was waiting for her husband. Jai reaches the police station and frees Dhara. Dhara cries thinking what will she say at home, where were they. Jai asks her not to tell anyone that they will be worried. They come home and hide the matter from everyone. Next morning, Dhara’s photo comes in the newpapers.

Everyone are shocked to see it and asks Dhara about it. Ketki taunts Dhara for being a maid and poor so she can’t digest she became Jai’s wife. Jai gets angry and scolds Ketki. He supports Dhara and says it was not Dhara’s mistake, it was his mistake that he did not take her along with him. He tells them the whole story and everyone believes Dhara and forgives her. What will be Dipika’s next plan? Will she spare Dhara or make a dirty plan again? What will be the fate of Dhara’s marriage? Stay tuned to Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon ki only on Colors TV.