Bhuvan drops Chakor to Bhaiya ji’s haveli; Tejaswini plans to get NRI deal back in Udaan

Chakor asks Kasturi where are they sending her. Kasturi lies that she will have to go to her in laws house one day. . The women say why are you sending her to school, Bhaiya ji came there and Chakor was selling mangoes there. She says if Bhaiya ji see her, he will take her, if you have to save her, then keep her away from his evil sight. Bhaiya ji talks to his diamond merchants and says the diamonds are very good and asks its price. The man says its priceless, I got it from South Africa, it’s a gift, he is investing 2000 crores.

He says meet my friend Prem Khanna. Bhaiya ji thanks them. Tejaswini comes and greets them. She asks them to come on dinner and bring their wives.Kasturi asks Chakor not to go near haveli, but her fate takes her there as Lord’s blessing chunni flies and falls inside haveli. Chakor gets the chunni and sees a hen tied. She goes to free the hen. The hen gets the chunni in its leg and runs on the table of the guests. Bhaiya ji shouts. Girja drags Chakor and Vidya asks her to leave Chakor, and not behave this rude way. Chakor talks non stop and says her mum prays that they all get food daily. hakor says whole story of how she got the blessings chunni and she came to take it. Tejaswini asks her to leave.

Chakor says no, and continues her story. Vidya smiles hearing Chakor’s innocent words. Chakor says she freed the cock, as she can’t see anyone tied. Girja gets angry on Chakor. Chakor bites her and Girja sees the stamp. All guests leave. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what does she think, will they get the deal or not. She calms him down. Bhaiya ji gets Sehgal’s call and is shocked. He says that small girl has ruined our plans. He says she showed all poverty. Manohar says I understood she will do something. Tejaswini says she won’t let anything bad happen. Manohar says he trusts her. Bhaiya ji says we lost 2000 crores.

Girja tells Bhaiya ji that the girl is Girvi to them, she is Kasturi’s daughter. Tejaswini says its time to catch the bird and put her in cage. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to explain Kasturi. He says you kept her mortgaged and have to send her now. Everyone cry. Lakhan says I can take her forcefully too, but Bhaiya ji does not want this. The kids talk to Chakor and asks why does she have this stamp on her hand. Chakor says I don’t know, my mum told its Lord’s blessings. Chakor takes Imli and leaves. Lakhan says Bhuvan, that he can not save Chakor now, lets meet tomorrow morning.

Lakhan gives new dress to Bhuvan and Kasturi. Kasturi says she will burn it. Chakor wears it. Kasturi is shocked. Chakor asks Kasturi why did she not burn this dress. Kasturi says she did butn it as she likes it. Chakor takes the 6 beads thread necklace that Kasturi made for her, and says she will take mum’s blessings as she is going far from them for the first time. Kasturi does her tilak and makes her have sweets. Chakor gets ready and says she will take everyone’s blessings. Bhuvan takes Chakor and says Kasturi its her fate and no one can stop this. Chakor waves bye to Kasturi. Kasturi says Chakor’s fate was written before her birth and its written on her wrist.

Bhuvan’s mum says her fate is good, you don’t worry. Everyone meet Chakor knowing she is going to haveli. Bhuvan brings Chakor to the haveli and sends her in. Bhaiya ji gets angry seeing her. Chakor greets them. The gate closes as Bhuvan stands outside. Tejaswini says you came Chakor. Bhaiya ji raises his hand and stops. Tejaswini says we called you as its Jhulan. She asks Girja to take her and not stop her for anything. She says she will be with us in Jhulan function, she is part of our family. Bhaiya ji is puzzled. Bhuvan hears this and is relieved. He thanks Tejaswini and leaves.

Manohar says if Tejaswini said Chakor will take part in Jhulan, then she will. Ranjana says no, my Vivaan will not play here. Manohar stops her. Kasturi says Tejaswini is a bad woman, everyone says it, if they do anything with Bhuvan. He says nothing will happen, I m worried how will we run the home, as Bhaiya ji gas stopped our earning. They cry. uraj scolds Chakor and says we will not play with you. Vivaan says will we play Jhulan alone. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor angrily. Vivaan and Chakor bond well. Where will Chakor’s fate take her now? Keep reading.