Devyaani breaks engagement with Rajat; Minty and Nikki exposed in Shastri Sisters

Anushka and Rajat decide not to tell anything to Devyaani about their love. Rajat is self angered for losing his love as Anushka has sacrificed him. Astha is adamant to take revenge on Alka. Alka and Rohan have things got fine between them and she gets back in his room after Bua ji forgives her. Rajat and Anushka have a talk. She says if Devyaani comes to know this, it will be bad, promise me you won’t tell her anything. He says I promise and holds her hand. Nikki and Devyaani looks on and Nikki fills Devyaani’s ears.

Nikki takes Devyaani to show Anushka and Rajat’s love. Anushkaa says Devyaani’s expectation is not problem, you have to solve it. Devyaani watches them being shocked. Rajat says what you are doing is injustice to everyone and also with Devyaani. He leaves and Devyaani confronts Anushka.Bua ji’s daughter Karishma and she takes Alka’s bangles from her which Rohan gifted her. Neil asks Rajat to tell his secret as he felt he is hiding something from him. He says you love her and got engaged, then why did you talk like this. Rajat thinks to tell him he does not love Devyaani. Rajat hides the matter. Rohan comes to his room and talks to Alka. Alka tells him about Anushka and Devyaani have made me tensed.

She tells about the confusion as they both love Rajat. Rohan is shocked. She confronts Anu to tell the truth she is hiding. Anushka clarifies she is not hiding anything, does she not trust her sister. Nikki tells Devyaani about Anu following Rajat to storeroom and such a bad relation. Devyaani says she will talk. Rajat and Anu are in storeroom and Nikki locks them inside. Alka and Rohan also join everyone. Shastri ji asks why did they call them suddenly. Devyaani says she wants to tell something. Nikki asks her to open door and show them. Devyaani opens the bolt. Rajat and Anu come out. Rajat asks who has shut the door.

Devyaani says I did it as I wanted to show everyone what I was seeing since many days. Anushka says she will clear her misunderstandings. She says you can’t meet my eyes, it means you are trying to steal my fiancé from me. Rajat tells Devyaani the truth that he loves Anushka. He says I don’t love you Devyaani. He says you came between us and I love Anu. Rajat says she made me promise to forget our love. Rajat calls his love very pure. He asks how can she accuse her sister who has hidden her happiness behind her tears. He tells the truth that he loves Anushka. Everyone is shocked. Rajat tells he does not love Devyaani and she came between him and Anu.

Anushka recalls promise made to Devyaani and Rajat blaming Devyaani. She accuses Rajat for telling truth and breaking promise to her. She asks why did he clear the matter by hurting Devyaani. He says it was about her respect. He says they will be united one day. She says never. She says the relation which broke her relation with her sister will never unite with her. Rajat tells Devyaani that everything will change as everything will belong to her. He says he will try to keep their relation as Rajat and Anu were past and future will be Rajat and Devyaani. He says he will fail if he lets her cry and only she has right on him from now on. Rajat thinks this is only way to give happiness to Anu. Sareen apologizes to Shastri ji because of small misunderstanding shuffling their children’s life.

Sareen says Minty was wrong and they would have confirmed it before. Shastri ji says he is sure that they will not do this mistake intentionally and blames God for this mistake. Nikki and Minty celebrate. Minty tells about her love for Neil and she has slapped a kid in childhood for hurting Neil. She says she felt such slap on Devyaani today. She says her revenge is fulfilled because of her. Minty regrets to use Rajat which has hurt him. Rajat, Neil and Sareen come home. They get shocked seeing them celebrating. Sareen asks what success they go that they are celebrating. Rajat asks about Neil’s connection in this matter.

Sareen asks Nikki to tell their dirty plan. Nikki says she will tell complete matter. She starts with Neil’s suicide for Devyaani. She says she planned this cross proposal to hurt Devyaani. Minty says Devyaani did not get full punishment as my plan was Rajat refuses to get engaged to Devyaani. She says Anu made him promise and she has promised to show hell and heaven to Devyaani. She says she hates Shastri Sisters. Shastri ji comes home and tells his daughters that she hates his daughters when they are so good. He tells them about Minty behind all this. Will Minty accept Anushka as her bahu? Keep reading.