Rudra fulfills Udiya’s last wish to release his soul in Mahakumbh

Rudra defend shis step to save Tiwari and argues with Maai. She is afraid thinking about the curse that came along with Rudra’s powers. Grierson and the priest talks about Shivanand being the key to solve Mahakumbh mystery, and they can’t lose him, being so close to the mystery solution. Grierson says we will get him, my men are following him. He says he has activated the GPS chip connected to Shivanand’s body and I will send his address. His goons says he will get Shivanand, send the location. Shivanand tales help from Martha and her son Cuba. They help him a lot and hide him at home.

Tiwari talks to Punnu and prepares him for play in Kumbh. Other kids watch on and laugh seeing Punnu failing to say Dohas well. Tiwari asks him to repeat it, and slaps on his mistakes. Rudra says the lines perfectly and Tiwari makes him do the role of Ram. The people ask Tiwari how did he make Rudra as Ram Tiwari says its not small thinking, and says Rudra has saved me when I was sinking kin the river Ganga, you all were just seeing. Ram means brave and protector, and our Ram will be just Rudra. Udiya and Maai take all the kids to the mela. Rudra enjoys a lot with Udiya. The kids pose for pics.

Udiya also poses and sees a man under the horse cart, doing something. Maai asks Udiya to get down. Udiya says I will be back and goes after him. The man leaves, after placing the bomb under the horse cart. Pandey says when Raavan burns, my revenge will be fulfilled. Rudra burns the Raavan and the bomb explodes, making Maai panic. Udiya hears this and rushes to save Rudra. Maai does Rudra’s aarti and tilak. He sits in the same horse cart. Udiya comes running is on the way. Maai and everyone put flowers on Rudra. Tiwari leads the kids. The bomb light blinks. Udiya reaches them and is stuck in the crowd. Udiya shouts Rudra, come down the cart.

Rudra burns the Raavan and gets down the cart. He sees Udiya getting hurt and runs to save him. Rudra takes out Udiya and covers him. He comes out from the fire safe and fine. Everyone clap for him. Udiya tells Maai that Pandey did all this. Shivanand is caught again by the goons. Martha and Cuba looks on. Shivanand waves to Cuba. Tiwari says doctor said to keep Udiya in hospital, but Maai wants to keep him here. Maai comes to him and says Udiya is conscious. Tiwari gets glad. Udiya says he wants to apologize to his wife as he has not been able to save their son.

Tiwari says doctor said to keep Udiya in hospital, but Maai wants to keep him here. Maai comes to him and says Udiya is conscious. Tiwari gets glad. Rudra comes out crying. Tiwari asks what happened. Rudra gives him the pic and folds hands. Tiwari holds his hand. Cuba and his mum sit in the church for long, and pray. They start leaving. Shivanand stops them. She asks what do you want.

He says I want a small help, make me meet Indian consulate, I want to go back to my country, I understand you are with your husband only for Cuba, and I m doing all this for Rudra. She says fine, I will take you to Indian consulate. Cuba and Martha stop midway on a bridge, and Cuba takes a wish lock, asking Shivanand to tie it. He says I wish your wish come true. Shivanand makes a wish and throws the key in the river. Shivanand hugs Cuba. They are stopped by her husband. The lady asks Cuba not to come out of the car.

Her husband takes the gun, and confronts them. He asks since when are you having this affair. Rudra leaves with Tiwari to find Udiya’s family. Maai hears Udiya calling her and runs. He says my soul should leave, why is it not leaving. Maai asks someone to get Gangajal. Udiya says Gangajal won’t wash my sins, now my soul will be freed when she forgives me. Rudra and Tiwari look for Udiya’s wife. Maai makes Udiya have Gangajal. Udiya asks about Rudra, I can’t be alive till morning. Rudra finally finds Udiya’s wife and shows the pic. Udiya takes Rudra’s name and asks where is he. Maai says I don’t know where he went. Rudra comes in and Maai asks where was he, He asks then to see who he got for Udiya. Will Rudra be able to save his loved ones from dangers? Keep reading.