Dhara’s pregnancy news is out and Jai curious to know about the father of the child in Sanskaar

Chandrika brings some villagers to Ansubaa’s house and taunts her about Jai making Dipika pregnant. The family is shocked and unable to answer her. Chandrika asks Anshubaa how will she do justice with Dipika now. Chandrika says how can Jai do this being married to Dhara. Dipika acts innocent. Jai feels ashamed. Ansubaa scolds him for doing such a big mistake and ruining the family name. Ansubaa asks Chandrika what does she want now. Chandrika tells her to resign from the sarpanch post and they will keep the elections to select a new one.

Hasmukh says no way this will happen, Ansubaa is the head of the village and always thought about making the village prosperous. Ansubaa says no, I will resign for the peace in this village. Chandrika is happy. Ansubaa tells her that she will do justice with Dipika and make her marry Jai. Jai will be giving his child his name. Jai accepts Ansubaa’s decision as he feels guilty of cheating everyone. Jai feels bad for breaking Dhara’s trust and hurting her feelings by spending the night with Dipika and not giving her the rights of a wife.

Jai apologizes to Dhara for not keeping his promises he made in their marriage. Dhara says no need to apologize as she married him only for seven months and now it is time for her to leave him and the house. She asks him to plan his life ahead with Dipika and live happily with her. Jai is taken aback by her goodness and feels he is very unlucky to lose a girl like Dhara. He wished to keep his marriage with Dhara but soon he realized that his dream will never be fulfilled.

Ketki and Dipika plan to bring out the truth that Dhara is pregnant to increase the problems in Dhara’s life. Dipika’s father Jiten comes to talk to Ansubaa. He beats Jai for doing such a thing with his daughter Dipika. Jiten asks Ansubaa to keep their marriage as soon as possible as he doesn’t want people to gossip about this in the village. Ansubaa says she can’t risk Jai’s life by making him marry to Dipika now and asks them to wait for more 15 days till the seven months are over, also Dhara will be with him staying in his room till then. Dipika is shocked. Jiten gets angry and says he will not leave their family if they delay the marriage. Ansubaa meets Murli and he asks Ansubaa to let the things happen as they are going on and Kishan ji will take care of Dhara. Ansubaa is relieved and tells Jiten that she is ready for the marriage to be held soon.

Jai is shocked and upset with all this happenings. Dhara faints and the doctor checks and confirms that she is pregnant. Everyone get angry on Jai for cheating Dipika and Dhara, by making both of them pregnant. Ansubaa says he has broken his limits and is not loyal with anyone. Jai can’t take the blame anymore and tells everyone that he is not the father of the child. Jai thinks it was Dipika with him that night in the hotel room and she got pregnant, but how did Dhara become pregnant when he has no relations with her.

Everyone wants an answer from Dhara as they believe Jai. Dhara does not answer anyone and leaves. Jai goes to her and asks her who is he. Dhara tells him that she loves him by her heart and wants to marry him. Jai is shocked thinking she is talking about someone else and tells everyone that he will make Dhara marry the man she loves and it is his duty now. Dhara also has a life and she has the right to stay happy. He tells Dhara that his family will support her. Ansubaa agrees and is annoyed with Dhara for not telling them the truth before.

Dhara is feeling guilty as the entire village is blaming Jai for her pregnancy and insulting Ansubaa. Ansubaa is called in the sarpanch as the whole village knows about Dhara’s pregnancy. Chandrika laughs on Ansubaa and Jai once again. Ansubaa tells everyone that she will decide for Dhara once she ends her marriage with Jai. Dhara cries thinking Jai is the father of her child and he won’t be able to do justice with her. What will Kishan ji do to help Dhara? Will Dipika’s fake pregnancy truth be out? Keep reading.