Madhu promises Abhay that she will protect RajKumar in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Abhay has made Madhu marry RajKumar who is a mentally challenged kid in an adult’s body. Abhay did not know that RajKumar (RK) face matches with Rishabh Kundra’s face. He is shocked to see him when RK lifts the sehra and shows his face with a smile. Abhay tells Madhu that he cheated her as she was cheating him. She has hidden the fact that she is Rishabh’s daughter and his biggest enemy. He tells her that he came to Mathura but she did not let him meet Radha as she knew what is there between them. She knows the animosity and did not want to let him know the truth. Madhu is shocked seeing she married a stranger and not Abhay.

She cries miserably and asks everyone to support her seeing the injustice done with her. Bebe scolds Abhay asking what bad joke is this. Abhay says it is not a joke, but a justified revenge. He has been suffering since 20 years having the fire of hatred in his heart for RK and his family, and now he got the chance to take his revenge from Madhu. He tells Bebe that Madhu is Rishabh’s daughter who has killed his father Harshvardhan. He tells Bebe that now it is time Madhu will suffer for her whole life as he will not spare her for her lies. Bebe tells him what he did is wrong and she will never forgive him for this. She says even she lost her son, but that does mean to take revenge from any innocent person. She says why should Madhu pay for RK’s mistakes.

Bebe cries and can’t see the injustice happening with Madhu. Madhu talks to Abhay and says she is not afraid of him and she did not know she is RK’s daughter, her Dida told her she is Devkinandan’s daughter. Abhay says Radha is also a liar like her and she has lied to you. He tells Madhu how she lied to Radha and came to marry him, telling her she is working here. He says he is out of her love now, and realized that her love was not a false drama and she has tried to trap him. He says see now you are in my trap and married to a stranger with whom you can never get happiness. Madhu tells him that she will talk to RK and convince him to free him from the marriage and then everything will be fine. Abhay laughs on her as he knows RK’s mental condition.

Madhu goes to RK and sees him playing with toys like a small kid. She does not understand whats going on. Abhay comes to her and tells her that RK is mentally challenged and his mind is of a seven year old child. Madhu is shocked. Abhay asks her now how will she accept such a husband. Madhu is spell bound and cries thinking of her marriage with RK. She thinks of the rounds she took with him thinking he is Abhay. Abhay laughs on her helplessness and asks her to celebrate her suhaagraat with her new husband. Madhu is left in the room with RK.

Madhu finds it hard to accept this fact and cries a lot. RK hears her crying and gives her water. He says you are my doll and now you have to tell me some stories. Madhu says she is not his doll and RK gets angry. He throws her out of the room. Tamanna sees this and comes to taunt Madhu. RK then takes Madhu inside and they become friends. Madhu starts caring for RK seeing that Abhay is using him seeing how innocent and helpless he is. Madhu gets angry and leaves the house. She thinks about RK and comes home back with RK’s inhaler as he runs short of breath. She comes in the nick of the time and saves his life when his condition was becoming unstable.

Abhay looks at her. Madhu tells him that she came back only for the sake of RK and from now on, she will take good care of him and protect him from Abhay. She tells him that she will not anything wrong happen with him. Madhu asks RK to believe in Kahna ji and they will get his help to sort out the problems. Dolly apologizes to Madhu for not supporting her infront of Abhay. RK feels Abhay is his hero and obeys him a lot going against Madhu. Madhu knows the real plans of Abhay. Will she save RK from Abhay? Will Abhay forgive Madhu and love her again? Keep reading.