Fitness Camp to be organized in Gokuldhaam Society In Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Jethalal Gada and Dayaben are the most loved characters of Indian Television. They make everyone laugh and have fun with family as the Sab TV one liner is : It is fun to be together. The ability to make someone laugh is an art. Everyone does not have that art in them. It is not easy to tickle the funny bones. It is quite a difficult task. Each and every character of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is popular. From Nattu Kaka to Baaga, from Bhide to Popatlal, from Taarak to Dr. Haathi, each character is so lovable and well portrayed that it has to win hearts, undoubtedly. Gokuldhaam society has been quite popular on the telly block. The show started on July 28, 2008 and has been winning hearts. The show has been a hit ever since its launch.

Babita is the vivacious and beautiful modern woman and is completely opposite of Dayaben. Her husband Subramanium Iyer is a scientist by profession. Jethalal always try to woo Babita Iyer though he loves his wife Dayaben. He is pleased by Babita’s fair complexion and beauty. Mr. Iyer on the other hand is at loggerheads with Jethalal. Dayaben is the queen of the Gokuldhaam society if Jethalal is the king. Dayaben is the most generous lady who offers food to everyone who comes across her. Sundar Lal, Dayaben’s brother, is also famous character. Everyone does the role so well that it does not look as if you are watching a show, it seems you are really watching a live society.

The past track in the show was based on Baaga and Bawri’s love story. Bawri proposes to Baaga and he too reciprocates the love and accepts her proposal. Everyone are happy to see the blooming love story. They accept Bawri as their new member of the family happily. Baaga is on cloud nine as he got the girl of his dreams. The current track of the show is focusing on organizing a fitness camp in the society.

Babita makes the suggestion to Dayaben about the fitness camp. Dayaben calls for the urgent meeting and the women meet at Taarak’s house. They decide to start a fitness camp wherein it will look into everyone’s health factors. Everyone then go and take the permission from the one and only secretary of the society Mr. Atma Ram Tukaram Bhide. Bhide happily permits them to organize the camp and says even I would love to be a part of it.

The women are happy and circulate the news in the society. There is much enthusiasm in the society. Babita asks her friend Sophia, who is a fitness trainer by profession, to come to the society and lend them her precious time and be their fitness trainer. Sophia agrees. Babita informs everyone that the fitness camp will be started tomorrow. Everyone are happy and ready to get healthy. Bhide writes on the notice board that Health is Wealth. Everyone agrees with Bhide.
What will happen next? The viewers will be given an eye treat soon in the show as everyone will be shown having exercise cum fun in the fitness camp. Jethalal’s problem is that he can’t control himself when it comes to his favourite food. He eats a lot and is fond of Gujarati food. Dayaben is the best chef of the society. Whats more great than having a wife who cooks your favorite food. Will the fitness camp work for the overeating Jethalal? Will he succeed in impressing Babita? Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more updates next week.