Madhubala gives birth to a daughter in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

The show has always been on the top of the charts with the super hot romantic scenes between Rishabh Kundra (better known as RK) and Madhubala. The fans call them Rishbala and many other names. The show has been the highest TRP possessor of the Colors channel. It surpassed many hit shows like Balika Vadhu, Uttaran, Bani Ishq Da Kalma among others, when it came to popularity and high TRPs. Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon stars the two most famous stars of the Indian Telly Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami. Vivian Dsena rose to fame with his role as Abhay Raichand in the hit show Pyaar ki Ye Ek Kahaani which aired on Star One (now called Life OK)Whereas Drashti Dhami shot to fame by her role as Geet in the hugely acclaimed show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi which also aired on Star One.

The week showed some great dose of romantic scenes between RK and Madhu. KRK exited from the show, and after all the melodrama, it’s a happy beginning for RK and Madhu. RK lifts Madhu is his arms and takes her to the room. She says the whole world wants to be in your arms, but here I m, in your arms. They have a cute eyelock. They get closer and have a heart to heart talk. RK says I will name my daughter Madhubala, the difference will be I will call you Biwi and her Beti. KRK leaves a letter for RK writing I stayed in your room with Madhu, but I did not cross my limits, Madhu is absolutely pure. RK and Madhu are happy to end the bad phase of their lives.

Radhu meets Kuku in jail and returns her Mangalsutra regretting that she brought him in RK’s life as his dad. While RK believes that Madhu is pure, Paabo suspects her character. She says everyone were fooled by KRK, seeing him to be as close looking as RK, no one would have any doubt on him. Paabo asks Madhu to give a integrity test where she is asked to prove she is pure and is of only RK’s. Madhu denies saying she won’t give any integrity test and even RK would not ask her to give any test. Paabo says even Sita had to give the purity test to Ram when she was away from him. RK says he is not Ram, but RK. RK does not need any test from Madhu and says even if KRK did not leave any letter, I would have believed Madhu. Madhu is happy hearing this.

Madhu lights her room with candles and arranges a surprise night for RK. RK comes in the room and happy to see the room decorated. RK and Madhu have a romantic talk and end up loving each other. They spend the night together and the scene changes. A lady comes and asks for BatukChand. She says she is Mrs. Batukchand. Everyone are puzzled as no one knows who is Batukchand. Bittuji is shocked. RK asks him why is he worried. Bittuji says he is Batukchand. Everyone are stunned. The lady says she was married to Bittuji in childhood. Even Bittuji confirms this. Madhu and RK have a discussion and make a decision to make Bittuji marry the lady.

Bittuji agrees after RK convinces him to accept the relation which his parents made for him. Bittuji marries Lilavati. Madhi gets busy in the preparations and due to tiredness, she faints. RK gets tensed and calls the doctor. RK is delighted when he comes to know that he is going to become a dad. Radha congratulates RK. The journey of RK and Madhu for the nine months is shown in brief. RK takes good care of Madhu and sticks to her as her shadow. RK brings Madhu to the film studio where they met and they watch a video of their togetherness and smile. Madhu starts getting pains and RK panics.

Madhu delivers a baby daughter in the studio just like she was born in the studio. RK is very happy to become a father. Soon after Madhu comes home, RK and Madhu have a dance on the song Mere Haath me Tera haath ho……….. Radha is taking care of the baby and walks out of the mansion. Radha is shocked to see the mansion blow. Will RK and Madhu die? Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more updates about your favorite show Madhubala.