Guggie and Kookie get married; Bani and Parmeet inaugurate the NGO; Bani Ishq Da Kalma gets a happy ending

Everyone have a laugh seeing Parmeet and Bani not waking up in the morning. They understand that it was their first night and that’s why the couple is taking so long to come out. Bani wakes up and looks at Parmeet sleeping. She sees the time and is shocked at how late it is. He tells her everyone will understand. He gets romantic all over again. Bani being shy moves him away asking him to get ready. They have finally consummated their marriage and are really happy. Chachiji praises Bani for bringing happiness to the whole family after going through so much trouble. Rajji calls them and asks them to come soon to help them and stop Kookie’s life from getting ruined with Vicky.

Kookie decides to run off with Guggie and Bua ji hears her talking to Guggie. While Rajji explains Kookie not to let Bua ji’s feelings, Bua ji comes and scolds Rajji. She tells Kookie not to do any such thing and sticks to her to control her. Guggie waits for her at the bus stop. Angad , Simran and Rajji discuss why Buaji is hurrying everything. Rajji questions Buaji and she says today is Kukkie’s wedding. Vicky and his mother come there. Bua ji asks the pandit to hurry up with the wedding, and complete the pheras before the mahurat ends. Kookie takes Bua ji inside and tells her that she will not marry Vicky but only the one she loves, and that is Guggie.

Rajji asks Kookie to believe in her as she hopes that Anu will do something soon and they have to be patient. Anu calls up Mr. Bakshi to find out about the truth of the passport and visa immediately. Bua ji calls Guggie and asks him to come over else he will regret to not see Kookie in bridal dress. Anu finds some clues against Vicky. Baldev comes to the NGO site and Parmeet gets tensed. But Baldev relieves him saying now he won’t pose any problem for him, as he now knows the women power and how the times are changing with women claiming their right and turning modern. Parmeet is glad and tells this to Bani. She tells everyone excitedly about the same and the rest of the family is happy to know this.

Anu starts inspecting the files, her eyes go across the torn page. Shruti gets scared and she cries. Anu asks her the truth as its related to a girl’s life. Vicky and his mum are happy to see Bua ji bringing Kookie towards the mandap, but Rajji stops Vicky saying you can’t marry Kookie. Rajji tells him that Kookie loves someone else, and that’s Guggie, so how can he marry her knowing this truth that she can never give him that love. Vicky shocks everyone saying he already knows this and he has accepted Kookie by his heart.

He says Bua ji told him everything before. He says being naive she can be easily get distracted and once married, she would understand what is right or wrong for her. Guggie comes there and Kookie tries to go to him, but Bua ji stops Kookie that if she do so, she will kill herself. Kookie cries. Rajji keeps trying to talk to Soham. Soham finally comes and brings a mum and daughter who has been deceived by Vicky and his mum. The women tell Bua ji Vicky’s truth that he has cheated them and took their money to run away.

They say this Vicky is actually Gurmeet Bhalla. Vicky tells Bua ji that all of them are lying as they don’t want him to marry Kookie, so doing this drama to defame him and stop this marriage. His mum says now they got insulted and will not do this marriage. Bua ji stops them and says she trusts them. Soham tries to explain her. Anu arrives with the police and Shruti. Shruti tells them how Vicky has bribed her to keep his truth hidden. Anu narrates the entire story and says it this marriage happened, then they would have left Kookie at the airport so that they can take the dowry money and run away. Bua ji is shocked seeing the documents against Vicky. She slaps him and Anu hands them over to the police.

Bua ji regrets of not being a good mum to Kookie as she was destroying her life, and did not believe anyone who were telling the truth to her. Guggie tells her that he loves Kookie a lot and wants to marry her. Bua ji agrees and everyone look on while they get married. Rajji calls Bani and tells her about Guggie and Kookie’s marriage. The show goes ahead for six months, when the NGO is build and Bani cuts its ribbon to inaugurate it. Bani thanks Parmeet for amking her help thousands of women who suffer from this NRI dreams. Parmeet-Bani, Soham-Rajji, Randeep-Gagan and Guggie-Kookie, all start their new lives happily and together. The show ends on this happy note.