Nikumbh saves Yamini from goons in the riot and Raghavendra misunderstands him in Baawre

Nikumbh and Yamini are now getting acquainted with each other, as they have got a chance to do the play together, all thanks t the college principal of Yamini and Nikumbh. We can’t believe the coincidence that they studied at the same college. Yamini comes late for the play as Raghavendra asks her to go after some time, as she is a star and should not bend to anyone’s orders. Nikumbh gets furious and yells on her infront of everyone. Yamini apologizes to him. Nikumbh makes it clear to her that she has to follow his orders to stay in the play as he is the director and will make the actors mend according to him.

Yamini agrees and comes on time the next day. Raghavendra sends some reporters to give a boost to Yamini’s career and asks her to tell about her role. Yamini looks at them as even she does not know her role. Nikumbh tells her that he has not decided about it yet. The reporters trouble Nikumbh with their questions, to which Yamini asks them to leave, saying I have already answered you all. The reporter say it means you don’t want us to cover Nikumbh. Yamini says I did not mean this. Nikumbh hears this and gets mistaken believing what the reporter said, that Yamini is star and wants the limelight to be on her.

Yamini comes home and hugs her Dadi. Yamini sees Dadi collecting Baawre articles as she likes it. Dadi asks why are you so happy, is there any guy in your life. Yamini says yes. Dadi says who is it. Yamini says I m feeling good with my aged people, I feel happy with rehearsals. Nikumbh is not happy with Yamini thinking she can’t justify the role and thinking what did she do with him, showing tantrums on the play rehearsals and not listening to him. He has actually made a wrong image about her in his mind. He talks to Nawab Sahab and tells him that he wants to kick out Yamini from the play.

Nawab Sahab asks him to give Yamini a chance. Nikumbh says Yamini shows she is extraordinary. Nawab Sahab says then make her ordinary, like everyone.Raghavendra asks Yamini not to forget that she is a singer, and is doing this play just to fill the mind of people with her presence on stage. Yamini gets hurt while practicing for the play and Nikumbh asks her to go home. Yamini goes for her singing assignment but is unable to sing well, because she is hurt. Raghavendra sees her wound and gets too much angry. She tells him how it happened. He tells her that now she won’t be going to do the play again.

Raghavendra gets the principal’s call who tells him that a big bollywood director is coming to see the play, so its good chance for Yamini. Raghavendra gets happy and asks Yamini to continue the play. She gets glad and goes to the haveli on time, reaching before Nikumbh. Nikumbh comes and hears the group joking on him. He gets angry and thinks Yamini has made them say this, by showing them she is doing a favor on them by doing this play. Yamini says no, she did not do this, but Nikumbh does not listen to her. He kicks her out of the play. Yamini comes home being upset and tells everything to Dadi crying. Dadi says she will talk to Nikumbh but Yamini stops her saying he is no one to kick her out, as she will still go there till the principal asks her to leave the play.

Nikumbh feels bad and shares his feelings with Azam. Azam asks him ti apologize to Yamini, as they won’t get any female lead for the play if she goes. Nikumbh agrees and thinks to meet her. He comes to the haveli and is shocked seeing her. He becomes happy and wants to apologize to her. He tries so much but fails to say I m sorry. Suddenly Nawab Sahab comes and tells them about the riots in the city. Nikumbh tells Yamini that he will drop her and they leave. They face lots of goons and hide in a shop. They get to know each other and conclude that they are not so bad as they think about each other.

Nikumbh sees Yamini’s innocent heart and she sees his big dreams, which means a lot to him. She tells him that she did not get such happiness in singing as she gets in doing this play. Nikumbh finally apologizes to her, seeing Yamini say I m sorry. They both become friends. Yamini’s family was very tensed about her. Raghavendra takes Tripathi’s help to find Yamini. He is shocked seeing her with Nikumbh and scolds him a lot asking him to stay away from Yamini, How will Nikumbh and Yamini fall in love? Keep reading.

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